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Sensuous Nude by Estēe Lauder

Sensuous Nude by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011

What Does Sensuous Nude Smell Like

Sensuous Nude by Estēe Lauder presents itself initially with a zesty and spirited scent, with the mandarin orange leading the charge. This is complemented by the lively notes of black and pink pepper, along with a hint of Sicilian bergamot, adding a citrusy freshness. Gradually, the fragrance evolves, revealing the heart of the perfume. The tropical note of coconut water is clear and dominant here, creating a creamy and slightly sweet aroma. This sweetness is amplified by the subtle presence of honey, adding a luscious depth to the scent profile. Jasmine and lily of the valley add a floral freshness, while a faint note of musk introduces a hint of warmth and sensuality. The perfume settles with a luxurious base, where the creamy sweetness of vanilla stands out. This is skillfully blended with the soft scent of heliotrope, the earthy note of sandalwood, a touch of warm amber, a whisper of musk, and a subtle hint of woody scents. Overall, Sensuous Nude by Estēe Lauder is a sweet, powdery, floral, woody, and slightly gourmand fragrance. It manifests an intriguing dance between fresh, sweet, and earthy notes that is rich, warm, and compelling.

Review of Sensuous Nude

Sensuous Nude by Estēe Lauder is indeed a perfume that draws you in with its richly layered, multi-faceted aroma. Primarily crafted for women, this perfume exudes a delicate yet confident aura that is hard to resist. Its heart note is an inviting blend of sweet and powdery scents, punctuated by a dash of floral and woody subtleties that add depth and complexity. There's also a hint of gourmand, spicy, and fruity undertones that give it a playful edge. This perfume is perfect for the fall season, adding a warm, comforting presence to the crisp autumn air. Yet, its versatile scent profile also makes it a great choice for the refreshing spring and vibrant summer seasons. Its wearability extends from casual daytime use to relaxed leisure activities and even formal business settings. While it may be more subtle for an evening event or a night out, it certainly adds a touch of understated elegance. Overall, Sensuous Nude provides good value, offering a well-rounded, appealing scent that's perfect for everyday wear.

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