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Wood Mystique by Estēe Lauder

Wood Mystique by Estēe Lauder
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2011

What Does Wood Mystique Smell Like

Wood Mystique by Estēe Lauder opens with a stimulating charge of pink pepper and an unmistakable aromatic bloom of roses. Beneath this initial floral presence, a gentle hint of peony lends a soft, dewy touch. As the scent transforms, notes of mimosa, jasmine, and May rose form a heart that is both warm and heady, creating a rich bouquet. A touch of exotic ylang-ylang adds a hint of tropical freshness to the overall floral blend. The blend of floral notes is artfully married with the sweet and buttery nuances of iris.

The base notes of this fragrance implore a deep exploration. The powerful presence of oud emerges strongly, mingling with the juicy sweetness of raspberry. A hint of leather adds a slightly musky undertone, while cedarwood and patchouli furnish a grounded, woody finish. A warm hint of benzoin subtly underscores this complex olfactory symphony, adding a resinous, almost vanilla-like sweetness. Overall, Wood Mystique by Estēe Lauder offers an aromatic journey through spicy, floral, and woody notes that transition to a captivating oriental and leathery finish, making it a deeply intriguing scent, suitable for both men and women.

Review of Wood Mystique

The Wood Mystique by Estēe Lauder is a sublime ode to the complexity of nature and the rich tapestry of aromas it offers. Introduced in 2011, it has managed to captivate both men and women with its well-blended mix of scents, but it predominantly appeals to the mature, self-assured woman who values a scent that compliments her sophistication and style.

The perfume opens with the soft, romantic allure of rose and peony, subtly invigorated by the zesty splash of pink pepper. The initial floral-spicy mix is a welcoming introduction to the more intricate heart and base notes. Despite the numerous elements present, the perfume never feels overcrowded - each note is given the space to shine and contribute to the overall composition.

The heart notes are a melange of floral notes, but the standout is definitely the Provençal mimosa absolute, its sunny and powdery-sweet scent gives the perfume an added depth that many fragrances lack. The base is a sensual blend of oud, raspberry, and leather, adding a hint of smoky-sweet warmth that lingers on the skin long after the first spritz.

Wood Mystique reveals its layers gradually, making it a perfect choice for evening occasions when its full complexity can be savored. Its longevity is noteworthy, ensuring you remain enveloped in its unique scent for hours. However, the sillage is not overpowering, which keeps the perfume from becoming overwhelming in closed spaces.

Despite its admirable qualities, it's worth noting that Wood Mystique may not fare well in the high temperatures of summer. The intensity of the scent may become too heavy and cloying in hot weather, making it best suited for the cooler seasons.

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