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Youth-Dew by Estēe Lauder

Youth-Dew by Estēe Lauder
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women

Key Notes of Youth-Dew

What Does Youth-Dew Smell Like

Youth-Dew by Estēe Lauder is a perfume designed for women that embodies a rich and complex scent profile. At first whiff, one can detect the bold aroma of aldehydes, which is balanced by a gentle touch of lavender. The top notes are further accentuated by the delicate, floral scent of narcissus, paired with a hint of zesty orange, and rounded off by a subtle mix of bergamot, peach, and rose.

As the perfume settles on the skin, the middle notes bring forth a delightful combination of warm and spicy cinnamon, clove, and other spices. These scents are beautifully complemented by the soft floral presence of carnation, cassia, jasmine, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, and a slight touch of orchid.

In the base notes of the perfume, the scent shifts to reveal an earthy and woody profile. The distinct aroma of patchouli is prominent, alongside the warm and resinous scents of amber, benzoin, frankincense, oakmoss, Peru balsam, and tolu balm. Finally, the perfume is anchored by the subtle, yet distinct, notes of musk, vanilla, and vetiver.

Overall, Youth-Dew by Estēe Lauder presents a beautifully layered scent that perfectly balances spicy, oriental, floral, woody, and resinous elements, creating a truly memorable fragrance for women.

Review of Youth-Dew

Perfume Review: Youth-Dew by Estēe Lauder

Youth-Dew Eau de Parfum by Estēe Lauder is a remarkable fragrance for women, particularly appealing to a mature, confident audience. This scent is predominantly intended for evening wear and night outs, making it a suitable choice for leisure events or daily use, as well as for business occasions.

The scent profile is predominantly spicy and oriental, with a generous touch of floral notes. Woody, resinous, and animal elements give it a warm and seductive edge. Hints of smoky, powdery, earthy, and sweet notes provide a well-rounded depth to the overall fragrance.

Youth-Dew is best suited for colder seasons, such as winter and fall, with its warm and cozy attributes. It can also be worn during spring but may not be the ideal choice for hot summer days due to its rich and deep nature.

One of the most commendable aspects of this perfume is its impressive longevity, ensuring that the scent will last throughout the day or night without the need for frequent reapplication. It also has a strong sillage, leaving a noticeable trail and making a statement as you walk into a room.

Considering its quality and performance, Youth-Dew offers great value for the price, making it a worthwhile addition to any perfume collection for those who appreciate a spicy, oriental scent with a touch of elegance and maturity.

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