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Ambra by Etro

Ambra by Etro
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1989
Brand: Etro

Key Notes of Ambra

What Does Ambra Smell Like

On the first whiff, Ambra by Etro elegantly teases the nose with an intriguing blend of coriander and bergamot, backed by a hint of labdanum. The spiciness of the coriander and the citrusy freshness of the bergamot mingle with the sweet, balsamic labdanum, creating a warm, inviting introduction.

As the perfume settles, the main heart entices with an unmistakable presence of amber. This note, reminiscent of golden sunlight, wraps around the smoky opoponax and the earthy geranium, with just an hint of rose sneaking in. The combination of these notes introduces a sweet, resinous, and slightly floral character to the scent.

The dry down is a beautiful display of vanilla and patchouli, giving Ambra a sweet, oriental base that lingers on the skin. The slight musky undertone adds a layer of depth and complexity. The scent of the perfume overall is a charming blend of woody, oriental, and spicy accents, peppered with sweet, resinous touches. It paints an olfactory picture of a warm, amber-infused oasis, underscored by sweet spices and oriental woods. Ambra by Etro is an intriguing scent journey, from its spicy beginnings down to its smooth, sweet ending.

Review of Ambra

Etro's Ambra, released in 1989, is a warm, spicy perfume that resonates with the soul. Carefully formulated for women, this Eau de Toilette carries a predominance of woody and oriental notes, making it a perfect choice for those crisp autumn and winter days. The scent is not overpowering, but it carries a beautiful trail as you move, making it suitable for both evening outings and relaxed, casual settings. You may also find it appropriate for your daily routine or even in a professional environment. Ambra strikes a delightful contrast with its spicy sweetness and resinous undertones, while a hint of smoky aroma adds an unexpected twist. The finishing touch of a powdery gourmand note makes this fragrance an interesting journey to wear. Despite being a few decades old, Ambra still holds its allure, making it a valuable addition to any fragrance collection. It's one that promises to draw attention and compliments.

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