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Rajasthan by Etro

Rajasthan by Etro
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Brand: Etro

What Does Rajasthan Smell Like

Rajasthan by Etro opens with a splash of pink pepper and Primofiore lemon, delivering an enticing balance between spicy and tart. The pepper adds a hint of warmth, while the lemon contributes a refreshing brightness. This opening quickly gives way to an unexpected touch of Polygonum, a note that akin to the fresh tang of rhubarb, cutting through the initial spiciness with its unique, green sharpness.

As the scent unfolds, the heart of the fragrance is revealed: a lush Turkish rose, full-bodied and romantic, combined with the powdery sweetness of mimosa. The rose is unmistakable, dominating the middle stage with its rich, velvety aroma. The mimosa, while less prominent, provides a delightful counterpoint, its sweetness softening the intensity of the rose.

The base notes are earthy and warm, a blend of labdanum, musk, and amber. The labdanum and musk create a foundation that's subtly animalic, hinting at the wild and untamed. Meanwhile, the amber adds a hint of golden sweetness, a comforting touch of vanilla-like warmth that lingers long after the brighter top and middle notes have vanished.

Rajasthan by Etro is a complex fragrance, a journey from the spice markets of India to the rose gardens of Turkey, ending in the warm embrace of oriental amber. It's a perfume that's equally inviting on both men and women, a shared secret between lovers.

Review of Rajasthan

Etro's Rajasthan, released in 2013, is a perfume that gracefully balances a wide array of scent notes to cater to an eclectic preference range. A set of floral and spicy notes form the heart of this scent, with a subtle powdery undertone that lends it a comforting, soft presence. The oriental and sweet hints further heighten its character, making it feel warm and inviting. Not to be overlooked are the fresh and citrusy notes that add a refreshing twist, while the woody and fruity hints provide a much-appreciated depth. It's a scent that works wonderfully across all seasons, with a slight leaning towards spring and fall.

Rajasthan, being unisex, appeals slightly more to women, however, its varied scent profile makes it a suitable choice for men as well. It's versatile enough to accompany you whether you're headed to work, out for a leisurely day, or for an evening event. This perfume embodies a blend of tradition and modernity, much like the Indian state it's named after.

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