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Vicolo Fiori by Etro

Vicolo Fiori by Etro
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1996
Brand: Etro

Key Notes of Vicolo Fiori

What Does Vicolo Fiori Smell Like

From the first spritz of Vicolo Fiori by Etro, you are greeted with an inviting burst of fresh mandarin orange intermingled with the delicate sweetness of bellflower. This initial impression then gently gives way to a heart of the fragrance that is distinctly floral and aquatic. It carries a balanced blend of lotus, cyclamen, and water lily that is subtly punctuated with the fruity notes of juicy melon and velvety white peach. This fruity-floral heart is further softened by the creamy touch of ylang-ylang, and a hint of wild rose adds a touch of traditional elegance.

The perfume then evolves to its final stage, a base that is warm and comforting. The subtle touch of musk and amber adds a richness to the fragrance, while sandalwood brings a soft, woody undertone. The sweetness of iris and a whisper of vanilla finish off this scent journey, offering a sense of indulgent femininity.

Vicolo Fiori is a perfume that successfully captures the essence of a lush, floral garden, offering a refreshingly crisp yet tender aroma that manages to be both powdery and green. It's a scent that paints a picture of a tranquil, blooming haven, a lovely escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Review of Vicolo Fiori

Vicolo Fiori by Etro encapsulates an array of floral notes that are sure to delight the senses. Released in 1996, this Eau de Toilette is crafted primarily for women, making a perfect daily companion with its light, fresh, and slightly powdery scent profile. The perfume opens with a crisp, clean burst of citrus that slowly unveils an undercurrent of soft, milky creaminess. As it settles on the skin, it develops a woody depth that lends a comforting, soothing touch to the otherwise vibrant bouquet.

Perfect for spring and summer, Vicolo Fiori's scent dances in the air like petals on a breeze, never too overpowering, yet leaves a gentle, lingering trail. It's a reliable choice for daily wear, but equally appropriate for leisure activities or business settings. The scent seems to fade gently as the day progresses, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer subtlety. Its moderate price tag adds to its appeal as a staple in any perfume collection.

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