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Thirty Three by Ex Idolo

Thirty Three by Ex Idolo
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Matthew Zhuk
Brand: Ex Idolo

What Does Thirty Three Smell Like

Thirty Three by Ex Idolo opens with a punchy hit of black pepper, immediately entwining itself with the sweet, tangy scent of candied mandarin orange. It's an intriguing blend of spicy and citrusy; it's sharp, but not so much that it overwhelms the senses. As the initial notes recede, the perfume unveils its heart - a potent mix of Taif and Chinese roses, underpinned by a subtle hint of cold, clean metal. The floral scent is strong, yet retains an edge of delicate softness, mingling delightfully with the slightly astringent note of Chinese white tea and the soft bloom of iris.

As the middle notes fade, the base asserts itself with robust oud and earthy patchouli. Yet there's an added sweetness to this layer - that of heliotropin, which rounds off the scent and mitigates the earlier intensity. The overall impression is of a floral and woody perfume, with a spicy kick at the start and a sweet, resinous finish. It's oriental, yes, but with a modern twist, making it a great scent for those who like their perfumes to be complex and interesting.

Review of Thirty Three

Ex Idolo's Thirty Three is an alluring unisex perfume that stands out owing to its unusual scent profile. Released in 2013, it displays a dominant floral character intertwined with robust woody undertones, and a noticeable oriental and spicy touch. This perfume also presents subtle hints of resinous, earthy, and smoky notes, which add a certain complexity to its overall aroma.

Though suitable for wear across the year, it particularly shines in the cooler months of fall and winter. Its warm, heady scent makes it an ideal companion for evening events or a night out. However, it also works for casual, leisurely days, and can even be worn daily, with its potent longevity ensuring a lasting scent throughout the day.

The perfume gets a nod of approval for its value, considering the quality and potency it delivers. If you're on the hunt for a perfume that offers a floral yet woody charm with an unexpected spiciness, Thirty Three by Ex Idolo could be your new favorite.

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