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Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi

Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2012
Brand: Fendi

What Does Fan di Fendi pour Homme Smell Like

Fan di Fendi pour Homme by Fendi opens up with a bright and zesty splash of Sicilian mandarin orange, bringing forth a vibrant citrusy aroma. This is closely followed by a light touch of basil and a hint of Calabrian bergamot, adding a slight herbal and subtly bitter undertone, enhancing the citrusy freshness. The fragrance then delicately evolves, revealing the warm and exotic scent of cardamom from Guatemala, which exudes a spicy-sweet aroma that's noticeable yet not overwhelming. There are hints of Egyptian geranium and La Réunion pink pepper that contribute a mild floral, slightly spicy scent to the mix, very subtly underscored by the crisp aroma of Texas cedar.

As it settles, the scent becomes richer and more profound, as the warm, sweet, and slightly caramel-like scent of Venezuelan tonka bean rises to the surface. The tonka bean's sweetness is perfectly complemented by the dark and earthy notes of Indonesian patchouli, contributing a certain depth to the overall fragrance profile. The scent finishes with a gentle whisper of leather that lingers in the background, adding a robust, masculine finish without being too dominant. It's a fragrance that's both spicy and sweet, with a rich, woody undercurrent that gives it substance and depth.

Review of Fan di Fendi pour Homme

Fan di Fendi Pour Homme, introduced in 2012 by Fendi, is a masculine fragrance that draws most of its appeal from its spicy and woody profile. The scent opens assertively, with an aromatic blend that bears a strong spicy kick, leading into a heart imbued with a distinctive woody note. This is softened slightly by sweet undertones, lending the fragrance a warmth that is both comforting and inviting.

There's a surprising hint of fruitiness that adds a playful edge to the blend, preventing it from becoming too heavy. Leather and oriental notes round off the base, adding depth and a hint of exotic allure. This fragrance is a perfect fit for the cooler months of fall and winter, where its warm, robust character can really shine.

Ideal for evening events and casual outings, it also lends itself well to a night out or even a business setting. This is a fragrance that can segue effortlessly from day to night, making it a versatile addition to any fragrance wardrobe.

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