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Leather Essence by Ferrari

Leather Essence by Ferrari
Gender: Men
Release date: 2013
Brand: Ferrari

Key Notes of Leather Essence

What Does Leather Essence Smell Like

Leather Essence by Ferrari opens with a strong citrusy aroma, largely dominated by bitter orange. This initial hint of zestiness is subtly mingled with the slightly sweet spiciness of clove and the refreshing edge of bergamot. As the top notes start to fade, the heart of the fragrance reveals a distinctive black leather scent that leans heavily on both the senses and the imagination. This leathery heart is warmly complimented by sweet, spicy cinnamon and a hint of rich, creamy tonka bean, lending a comforting depth to the overlying rawness of the leather. Finally, as the perfume settles down, the base emerges with a warm, oriental blend of creamy sweet vanilla and earthy gaiac wood. These notes are gently grounded with the deep, musky aroma of patchouli and a whisper of cedarwood. Overall, Leather Essence by Ferrari is a leathery, spicy, and sweet fragrance with woody and oriental undertones. It is a scent that captures the essence of masculinity and adventure, reimagining the smell of leather into a boldly expressive fragrance.

Review of Leather Essence

Ferrari's Leather Essence resonates with a certain masculinity that's deep-seated and authentic. This is a fragrance for the man who finds comfort in traditional values but also appreciates a modern twist to classics. Leather Essence takes its cues from an olfactory palette that speaks of maturity and a refined sense of style.

Beginning with a lively splash of bitter orange, it quickly segues into the perfume's namesake, a robust black leather accord. Paired with a dash of clove, it's the kind of scent that is appealing to gentlemen who understand the appeal of age-old elegance. The scent isn't shy with its leathery dominance but is careful not to overwhelm, providing a balance that's truly admirable.

The spicy and sweet aspects of the perfume become more apparent as the fragrance unfolds. Here, the perfume starts to show its playful side, but never quite lets go of its masculine identity. The woody and oriental undertones further enhance the richness of the aroma, lending a depth that's both complex and inviting.

Its performance, while not extraordinary, is satisfactory in terms of longevity and sillage. The scent is more personal, staying close to the skin rather than filling a room, making it an ideal choice for intimate occasions.

However, its preference for colder months and the limited appeal for summer use might be a setback for some. But if you're seeking for a fragrance that pays tribute to masculinity with a blend of traditional and modern elements, Leather Essence by Ferrari is a scent worth exploring.

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