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Noble Fig by Ferrari

Noble Fig by Ferrari
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Brand: Ferrari

What Does Noble Fig Smell Like

Noble Fig by Ferrari opens with a vibrant and juicy scent of mandarin orange. The fresh citrus note is prominent, yet not overpowering, as it brightly melds with the scent of fig leaf, lending a green and slightly sweet twist to the initial encounter. The fig leaf gives the perfume a slightly fruity aroma, which is further elevated by an unexpected hint of pink pepper that adds a playful, almost spicy, undercurrent.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes come into play, introducing a touch of clary sage that enhances the green facet of the fig leaf, while also lending a herby and slightly aromatic quality to the blend. A subtle hint of iris then rounds out the heart of the perfume, providing a soft, powdery touch that beautifully juxtaposes the fruity and spicy elements.

Finally, the dry down anchors the perfume with earthy patchouli and musk, creating a warm and comforting base. The musk gives a soft, slightly animalic edge, while the patchouli provides an earthy yet sweet finish. All these notes together make Noble Fig an interesting and pleasant fragrance that offers a fruity, fresh, and subtly spicy aromatic journey.

Review of Noble Fig

Ferrari's Noble Fig, a perfume introduced in 2015, is a unisex fragrance that leans slightly more towards the masculine side. Its allure lies in its refreshing, nature-inspired scent profile that doesn't overpower the senses. With a refreshing fig leaf scent at its heart, this is a perfume that channels the essence of spring and summer days spent outdoors, making it a fitting choice for leisurely activities and casual daily wear.

The perfume is also quite versatile, adapting well to business settings. As such, it could be an interesting addition to a professional's fragrance collection. However, it might not be everyone's first choice for evening social events or night-outs, where a more intense or exotic scent might be expected.

The perfume's strength lies in its fresh, green, and fruity aroma that exudes an invigorating energy. However, the longevity and sillage may not be stellar for some users. It may need reapplication throughout the day, especially during warmer seasons or in environments where a stronger scent projection is desired.

The sweet, spicy, and woody undertones add a hint of complexity to the fragrance, without overpowering the dominant fresh and fruity notes. However, those who prefer a more creamy or citrusy fragrance might find this aspect a bit lacking.

As for the value, Noble Fig offers decent quality for its price range, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a fresh and green dominant fragrance. It's a solid choice for spring and summer, but its lighter scent profile might not hold up as well in the colder months. Overall, Noble Fig is a vibrant, nature-inspired scent that offers a unique twist to the typical perfume offerings.

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