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Unum - LAVS by Filippo Sorcinelli

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Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Unum - LAVS

What Does Unum - LAVS Smell Like

Unum - LAVS by Filippo Sorcinelli is a unisex perfume with a striking blend of resinous and smoky accords, complemented by spicy, woody, and earthy nuances. The scent opens with a prominent dash of black pepper, accompanied by subtle hints of cardamom and jasmine. As it unfolds, the heart of the fragrance reveals a rich interplay of elemi resin and labdanum, adding depth and warmth, while the presence of clove and coriander lend a delicately spicy touch.

The base of Unum - LAVS brings together opoponax, amber, and oakmoss, creating an earthy and slightly sweet foundation, with the tonka bean providing just a hint of smoothness. The faintest whisper of Brazilian rosewood adds an undercurrent of sophistication to the overall composition.

Throughout its development, Unum - LAVS showcases a unique and thoughtfully composed interaction of notes, resulting in a fragrance that intrigues and captivates the senses without being overwhelming. The balance between its resinous, smoky, and spicy aspects, along with its woody and earthy undertones, make Unum - LAVS a memorable and distinctive scent experience.

Review of Unum - LAVS

Unum - LAVS by Filippo Sorcinelli, released in 2013, is a unisex perfume that has gained recognition for its resinous and smoky character, with a touch of spice and woody undertones. This well-rounded fragrance is appreciated by both men and women, with a slight preference towards the male audience. The earthy base notes add an interesting depth to the overall scent, making it unique and memorable.

The longevity of Unum - LAVS is commendable, as it tends to last throughout the day without needing to be reapplied. Sillage, while not overwhelming, is still noticeable and creates a pleasant aura around the wearer. The value of this perfume is considered reasonable, considering its quality and performance.

Unum - LAVS is best suited for individuals who prefer a more mature and distinguished scent, as it appeals more to an older audience. The perfume's versatility allows it to be worn during fall and winter, with some wearers also enjoying it in the cooler days of spring. It is not the ideal choice for hot summer days, as the scent may become too overpowering.

When it comes to occasions, Unum - LAVS shines brightest during evening events and leisurely activities. It adds a touch of elegance and mystique to a night out, while still being appropriate for business settings and daily wear. However, it might not be everyone's go-to choice for daytime events or casual settings.

In conclusion, Unum - LAVS by Filippo Sorcinelli is a well-crafted unisex perfume with a predominantly resinous and smoky profile, accompanied by spicy and woody elements. It is most suitable for mature wearers and excels in evening and leisure occasions

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