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Minuit et Demi by Fragrance Du Bois

Minuit et Demi by Fragrance Du Bois
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021

Key Notes of Minuit et Demi

What Does Minuit et Demi Smell Like

Minuit et Demi by Fragrance Du Bois opens with a vibrant freshness, a lively combination of tangy bergamot and crunchy cardamom, peppered by the spicy warmth of pimento. This lively introduction subtly transitions into a heart that brings to the table a suggestive and sweet combination of caramel. The caramelized scent is accompanied by a gentle hint of coffee, adding a tantalizing, slightly bitter edge to the mix.

As the fragrance continues to evolve on the skin, the base notes come to the forefront. A soft muskiness dominates, softened by the creamy richness of vanilla, creating a comforting and cozy aura. Cashmeran adds a hint of soft, musky woodiness, while cedarwood and vetiver bring a subtle touch of earthiness, grounding the perfume with their natural, woody tones. The result is a fragrance that unfolds in layers, revealing new facets as it develops, from the sparkling spiciness of the top notes to the warm and creamy woods and musk of the base. Its smell is an intriguing dance between the sweet and the spicy, the fresh and the warm, the familiar and the exotic.

Review of Minuit et Demi

Minuit et Demi by Fragrance Du Bois is a perfume that speaks to the senses in a warm and inviting way. It's a scent that suits both men and women, although it appears slightly more popular amongst women. This can be attributed to the sweet and gourmand notes that create a deliciously inviting scent.

Introduced in 2021, Minuit et Demi has a distinctive blend which leaves a memorable impression. One of the most striking characteristics of this perfume is its endurance. It lingers for a good duration, not overwhelmingly so, but it certainly makes its presence known. However, its spread or 'sillage' isn't as pronounced, which means you won't be leaving a strong scent trail behind you.

The scent is predominantly sweet and gourmand, with a dash of spiciness. These elements fuse together to create a rich, warm scent making it an excellent pick for the colder months of fall and winter. It is versatile enough to be worn for various occasions - from an evening out to casual leisure time. However, its richness might be too much for a typical day at work.

The perfume's value lies more in its interesting mix of notes rather than its longevity or sillage. Priced at the higher end, it might not be the best choice for those looking for a budget-friendly everyday perfume.

In conclusion, Minuit et Demi is a captivating blend that starts with a spicy kick and slowly mellows down into a creamy, sweet aroma. It's a good choice for those who appreciate a fragrance that's a bit different and don't mind spending a bit more for that uniqueness. However, its less than stellar sillage and relatively high price might be off-putting for some.

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