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New York 5th Avenue by Fragrance Du Bois

New York 5th Avenue by Fragrance Du Bois
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Shadi Samra

Key Notes of New York 5th Avenue

What Does New York 5th Avenue Smell Like

New York 5th Avenue by Fragrance Du Bois starts off with a bright and unmistakable scent of ripe, freshly cut roses. The sweet citrusy aroma of the bergamot subtly plays in the background, enhancing the floral note without overwhelming it. As the perfume evolves, an oriental character begins to emerge. The exotic aroma of cypriol, a treasure from the East, pairs beautifully with the soft, powdery essence of violet. A touch of caramel adds a layer of sweetness to the heart, giving it a delectably playful twist.

As the perfume settles, the woody base notes take center stage. The lush and creamy aroma of cashmere wood is laced with the sweetly familiar scent of vanilla. The gaiac wood imparts a slightly smoky note, cutting through the sweetness and adding an intriguing depth to the fragrance. Finally, a hint of musk swirls around the woody notes, adding a warm and sensual undertone to the scent. The end result is a luxurious, oriental perfume with a captivating blend of floral, sweet, and spicy notes, underpinned by a rich woody base.

Review of New York 5th Avenue

New York 5th Avenue by Fragrance Du Bois is a perfume that paints a picture of an evening stroll through the city. Its unisex appeal makes it a choice for both genders, but it slightly leans towards a female audience. The scent brings to mind a vibrant, yet sophisticated urbanite, not bound by age or gender, making their way through the bustling streets of Manhattan.

The fragrance immediately draws you in with a vivid hit of floral and woody notes. The rose and bergamot in the top notes provide a fresh opening, while the heart notes reveal a hint of sweetness with the caramel. However, don't be fooled. This isn't a candy-like sweetness; it's more of a mature, understated touch that's balanced out by the floral and woody elements.

In terms of wearability, New York 5th Avenue is a versatile option, ideal for nighttime outings or leisurely evening gatherings. Its longevity is commendable, sticking around for hours, and leaving behind a pleasing trail that doesn't overpower.

However, its value is a matter of personal preference. The perfume might come across as pricey for some, and while it does offer a unique scent, it may not feel worth the investment for everyone.

The scent also shows favouritism towards the cooler months, with fall and winter being the ideal seasons to wear it. But it might feel a bit too heavy for summer days.

In conclusion, New York 5th Avenue is an acquired taste, blending floral, woody, and sweet notes in an urban-inspired concoction. The perfume is like a story of a city dweller's life, filled with the hustle, charm, and sophistication of New York City. It's for those seeking a scent that's as dynamic as their lifestyle.

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