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Oud Orange Intense by Fragrance Du Bois

Oud Orange Intense by Fragrance Du Bois
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Perfumer: Caroline Sabas

Key Notes of Oud Orange Intense

What Does Oud Orange Intense Smell Like

Oud Orange Intense by Fragrance Du Bois opens with a lively bouquet of fruity notes cleverly softened by the sweet touch of coconut. This sugary partnership creates an initial aroma that's reminiscent of an exotic fruit cocktail served on a tropical beach.

As the top notes gradually recede, the heart of the perfume reveals a dominant and indulgent scent of bourbon vanilla. This note is warm and intense, resembling a comforting dessert, giving the perfume a sumptuous gourmand aspect that's both enticing and satisfying.

As it settles on the skin, Oud Orange Intense reveals a base of vanilla, which continues the creamy, sweet narrative started by the bourbon vanilla in the heart. This luscious vanilla scent is beautifully paired with a gentle musk, giving the fragrance a lingering, powdery undertone that's subtly sensual.

The perfume concludes with a hint of oud, which is the last note to emerge, grounding the entire composition and adding a touch of oriental mystic. Its woodsy, resinous scent is a calm counterpoint to the sweet and creamy notes, adding depth and complexity to the perfume.

In essence, Oud Orange Intense is an exotic, fruity, and creamy perfume with a subtly profound and oriental base.

Review of Oud Orange Intense

Fragrance Du Bois' Oud Orange Intense is a charismatic blend of aromas with a striking character that leaves a lasting impression. The initial encounter with this perfume is a tropical oasis, thanks to the dominant notes of fruity flavors and coconut, creating a warm and inviting aura that is both invigorating and relaxing.

The middle of the fragrance journey takes a turn towards the sweet and creamy, with strong hints of bourbon vanilla that add a delightful richness to the scent profile. It's bold without being overpowering, striking a fine balance that caters perfectly to those who have a penchant for sweet yet refined fragrances.

The base notes of Vanilla, Musk, and Oud provide a sensual finish. The Oud, particularly, adds an oriental and woody dimension to the perfume which makes it more appealing for those who appreciate a deep, resinous undertone.

However, Oud Orange Intense may not be everyone's cup of tea. Its sweet and creamy profile may be a bit too rich for some, particularly during the warmer months. It seems more suited to the colder seasons where the sweet and spicy undertones can truly shine.

With regard to the occasions, this perfume projects an aura of casual sophistication, making it more suited for a night out or an evening event rather than for daily use. It's a bit too intense for business settings, and may not be the ideal choice for those who prefer lighter, more subtle fragrances.

In conclusion, Oud Orange Intense is a daring scent, full of character and complexity. It's a perfume for those who love to make a statement, who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd.

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