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Parisian by Fragrance Du Bois

Parisian by Fragrance Du Bois
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Parisian

What Does Parisian Smell Like

Parisian by Fragrance Du Bois opens with a potent mix of cardamom and pink pepper, creating an immediate sense of warmth and spice. There’s a slight hint of bitterness to add intrigue, but no real discernible citrus or sweetness from the grapefruit or almond.

As the scent evolves, a robust leather note comes through, hinting at the deep and resonant heart of this fragrance. It’s a potent aroma, full-bodied and distinct, but without any floral or woody accompaniment from jasmine, oud, geranium, or rose.

The dry down is characterized by a distinct lack of sweetness or warmth - the traditional notes of amber, cistus, and frankincense are absent. Instead, the musk, patchouli, and sandalwood are muted, lending support to the overall fragrance without having any real perceptible scent of their own.

Throughout its wearing, Parisian maintains a strong smoky and resinous character, underscored by a persistent oriental tone. It is spicy and leathery, with a hint of smoke that lingers even after the perfume has settled. There is a distinct lack of the usual sweetness or floral undertones, making this a distinct and impactful choice for those who prefer their fragrances with a bit of a bite.

Review of Parisian

Dive into the world of Parisian by Fragrance Du Bois, a rich and complex perfume that has an appealing allure for men who appreciate a scent with a certain depth and maturity. Parisian exudes a dominant spicy-leathery character, which is not surprising given its potent cardamom and pink pepper top notes coupled with the grounding heart note of leather.

Unmistakably autumnal and winter-friendly, this perfume paints a picture of cozy nights spent in the heart of Paris, where the air is filled with the scent of warm spices and the soft undertones of resinous and smoky notes. It seems to cater more to intimate evening occasions, such as a night out or an evening event rather than an everyday scent for the office or causal daywear.

Its longevity is commendable, staying with you through the night, leaving an intriguing trail behind. However, its sillage may not fill a room, it whispers its presence rather than shouting it out, making it less intrusive and more personal.

Though Parisian's oriental, smoky, and sweet aspects may appeal to some, its heavy lean towards spicy and leathery tones can make it less approachable for those who prefer a lighter, floral or sweet scent. This makes it less versatile in its appeal. The perfume's value for money may also be a point of contention, as some may find it a tad pricey for what it offers.

In conclusion, Parisian by Fragrance Du Bois is a captivating choice for those who relish a mature, spicy, leathery scent and don't mind investing in a perfume that leaves a lasting impression.

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