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Santal Complet by Fragrance Du Bois

Santal Complet by Fragrance Du Bois
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Santal Complet

What Does Santal Complet Smell Like

Santal Complet by Fragrance Du Bois is a unisex perfume that opens with a distinct sweet note, drawing on the tropical warmth of coconut, brightened by a subtle hint of lemon. This initial sweetness merges seamlessly with a creamy undertone, creating a full-bodied yet gentle aroma. As the perfume develops on the skin, a dash of black pepper comes into play, adding a surprising spicy contrast that cuts through the sweetness. A touch of violet keeps the blend from becoming too heavy, lending a slight powdery element to the mix.

The heart of the perfume is the sandalwood, giving a rich, woody depth that anchors the scent. It is perfectly balanced by the soft, seductive whisper of musk. To finish, the scent is rounded off with the sweet, comforting aroma of vanilla and the slightly resinous hint of amber. The result is a creamy, sweet and slightly spicy perfume that is as inviting as it is intriguing, making Santal Complet a truly complete olfactory experience.

Review of Santal Complet

Santal Complet by Fragrance Du Bois is a perfume that both men and women can appreciate, but women seem to gravitate towards it a bit more. With a scent profile that nicely balances sweet, woody, and creamy notes, it offers a comforting and inviting aura. The scent further develops a spicy kick, subtly powdered accent, and a hint of gourmand, making it an interesting olfactory journey.

Its longevity and sillage are fair, meaning the scent will stay with you but won't overwhelm a room, making it an ideal choice for a night out or leisure activities. The perfume shines in the cooler fall and refreshing spring seasons, but it can also be a good addition to your summer and winter scent collections.

Though it fares well for daily use and business settings, it really makes a statement in the evening and during a night out. Santal Complet is a solid choice for those who prefer a cozy, welcoming scent with a touch of mystery.

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