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oudTouch by Franck Olivier

oudTouch by Franck Olivier
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014

Key Notes of oudTouch

What Does oudTouch Smell Like

OudTouch by Franck Olivier opens with an unexpected burst of sweet toffee mingling with the sharp tang of raspberry and a subtle splash of citrus freshness from the orange. This bright, juicy introduction soon gives way to a heart that is a symphony of floral and resinous notes. The vivid, velvety scent of roses is blended smoothly with the smoky depth of frankincense, the earthy intensity of patchouli, and the rich sweetness of jasmine absolute. A whisper of violet lends a delicate touch of softness to the composition. As the perfume settles on the skin, it reveals its base of musk, amber, and vanilla. The musk lends a warm, animalistic depth, while the amber adds a hint of resinous sweetness. A trace of vanilla brings a comforting, creamy quality to the mix. Overall, OudTouch is a rich, oriental scent that strikes a perfect balance between sweet, spicy, smoky, and woody accords. It is a perfume that invites you to lean in closer, to explore its complex layers and lose yourself in its evocative aroma.

Review of oudTouch

OudTouch by Franck Olivier is a bold mix that leans slightly more toward male wearers. The dominant notes of oriental and woody scents are balanced with a warm, spicy undertone, making it an ideal choice for cooler weather. It carries a certain smoky sweetness that seems reminiscent of a cozy winter evening near a fireplace, making it a great choice for evening outings or nights out.

The perfume's longevity and sillage are impressive, suggesting it will linger long after the wearer has left the room. Its floral, resinous, and animal notes add an unexpected twist to the earthy base, making it a conversation starter.

While it can be worn for leisure activities, its depth and aroma might be a bit heavy for daily or business use. However, for those who love spicier, smokier scents with a touch of sweetness, OudTouch by Franck Olivier is a worthwhile investment that offers good value for money.

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