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Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1987

Key Notes of Bowling Green

What Does Bowling Green Smell Like

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene has an assertive, outdoor fragrance that is unmistakably masculine. The initial spray greets your senses with a crisp, lively citrus aroma from lemon and bergamot, accented with the herbal undertones of basil and the sharpness of juniper. The fragrance quickly transitions into the heart notes, where it becomes more complex. You'll detect an intriguing blend of aromatic lavender and the earthy, herbal character of artemisia combined with the spicy-sweet touch of cinnamon and the cool freshness of pine. The subtle sweetness of cardamom and the floral hint of jasmine add a nuanced layer to this already robust scent. As it settles, Bowling Green reveals its base notes, offering a rich, deep, woody essence, reminiscent of a forest floor. Moss, fir, and cedar collectively establish this woodsy nature, while amber infuses a warm, resinous note. The undertones of patchouli and sandalwood seal the fragrance with a smooth, enduring finish. Overall, Bowling Green offers a green, fresh, and spicy scent experience with significant citrus and woody elements.

Review of Bowling Green

Bowling Green by Geoffrey Beene is a classic men's fragrance that embraces the spirit of the outdoors. The scent, among the greenest of offerings, delivers a fresh and vibrant experience that's both lively and evocative. Its initial spray unveils a rush of citrusy lemon and bergamot, which gradually unfolds into warm spicy tones. The fragrance's heart notes of lavender and pine lend a soothing, balmy twist to the composition, reminiscent of a serene forest walk on a spring morning.

This 1987 creation is perfect for men who prefer a scent that leans towards natural, earthy notes over the more flamboyant ones. Older gentlemen, in particular, might appreciate the mature and timeless quality of Bowling Green. The fragrance is versatile enough for both casual and work settings, with a presence that's noticeable but not overwhelming. However, its longevity could be better, and the scent may need reapplication throughout the day to maintain its character.

Bowling Green has a distinct personality, transporting wearers and those around them to lush, green landscapes. It's a scent that doesn't try to conform to modern trends and instead has its own, simple charm. The value for money is commendable, especially considering the quality of the fragrance you get for the price.

In conclusion, Bowling Green is a straightforward, no-fuss fragrance that combines fresh, spicy, and woody notes into a pleasing whole. While its longevity might be a bit underwhelming, its crisp and green nature makes it a worthy addition to any fragrance wardrobe.

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