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Bitter Sweet by George Gina & Lucy

Bitter Sweet by George Gina & Lucy
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013

What Does Bitter Sweet Smell Like

Bitter Sweet by George Gina & Lucy opens with a sharp hit of black pepper and fresh, zesty bergamot. This initial zest is soon mellowed by the herbaceous, almost green scent of Angelica seed, setting the stage for the fragrance's heart.

The perfume then evolves into a robust middle, where the dominant note of black suede takes center stage. The leather-like, smoky scent of black suede is complemented by the delicate floral hint of heliotrope, which adds a touch of softness to the otherwise strong middle. A faint whiff of jasmine lends a bit of sweetness, but it's in the background, almost elusive.

As the fragrance settles, it reveals a warm, opulent base. The resinous, slightly sweet scent of opoponax blends beautifully with the rich aroma of tonka bean, creating a soothing and comforting scent. The base is rounded off with a touch of vanilla, but it's not a typical sweet vanilla. Instead, it's a mature, slightly spicy vanilla that adds depth and complexity to the perfume.

Overall, Bitter Sweet is a spicy, oriental perfume with a bold leather heart and a warm, rich base. It's a fragrance that's both sweet and a little bit spicy – living up to its name.

Review of Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet by George Gina & Lucy is a perfume with a personality designed for women. With a personality that's bold and unapologetic, it's favored by mature and confident individuals who appreciate a scent with depth. The leathery note takes the lead, giving Bitter Sweet a robust and substantial presence. Complementing this boldness, spicy and oriental notes are layered underneath, adding a warm and inviting richness to the fragrance.

This perfume is particularly well-suited to the cooler months of fall and winter. It lingers in the air, offering a pleasant surprise to those who cross its path. However, its intensity is well-balanced, making it a good choice for evening outings or even casual daily wear. This perfume offers solid value for those who appreciate an assertive perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement. However, it might not be to everyone's taste, particularly those who prefer lighter, floral scents.

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