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Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani

Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Armani Code Cashmere

What Does Armani Code Cashmere Smell Like

Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani opens to a vibrant explosion of orange blossom and jasmine sambac. The tantalizing scent of orange blossom is the most discernable, giving the initial waft a sweet, fresh quality. The jasmine infuses a hint of floral that is delicate but clearly distinguishable, adding an additional layer of complexity.

Fast forward to the heart of the perfume, the scent evolves and introduces its wearer to the mellow creaminess of almond milk, lending a subtle nutty aroma. This is softening amidst the fresh florals. Iris, though less prominent, adds a gentle powdery touch and is beautifully combined with the soft, almost vanilla-like fragrance of heliotrope.

The base notes are interesting and a little unexpected. The olfactory journey ends with the dry-down revealing an earthy, raw aroma of suede mixed with an undercurrent of frankincense and leather. These notes give the perfume a gourmand, slightly leathery finish that grounds the fragrance and pulls together the sweet, creamy, and floral elements.

Throughout its transitions, Armani Code Cashmere maintains a rich, luxurious aroma, appealing to the senses with its blend of sweet, creamy, floral, and gourmand notes with an underlying leathery accord.

Review of Armani Code Cashmere

Armani Code Cashmere by Giorgio Armani is a scent that is primarily catered to women. Its formulation, released in 2016, allows you to revel in sweet, creamy notes that blend seamlessly with floral undertones, offering a smooth and deliciously feminine aroma. While it gives off a subtle whiff of gourmand scents, it also incorporates a light touch of leather and Oriental notes, making it a perfect choice for those who enjoy a mature, yet slightly exotic fragrance.

If you're looking for a perfume that's ideal for colder seasons, this one fits the bill. It's a sublime choice for winter and fall, enhancing the feeling of cosy nights and crisp, frosty mornings. Its powdery, spicy nuances come to life in the evening, making it a fantastic accessory for a night out or a casual leisurely outing.

The perfume also works well for daily wear and business settings, thanks to its refined and understated synthetic notes. While not overly pricey, this perfume offers great value for those who are looking for a scent that is pleasurable without being overpowering.

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