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Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani

Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin

Key Notes of Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite

What Does Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite Smell Like

Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani is a unisex fragrance that opens with a distinct yet gentle blend of herbal sage and a slight touch of spicy pink pepper. As the scent begins to unfold, the heart of the perfume reveals a rich and creamy bouquet of floral notes, dominated by the intense aroma of tuberose. This is complemented by the exotic and sweet scent of jasmine sambac absolute and the slightly fruity and floral nuances of ylang-ylang. The presence of orange blossom adds a subtle yet refreshing citrusy undertone to the fragrance's overall character.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes create a warm and inviting foundation with a hint of Oriental flair. The inclusion of Amber Xtreme™ adds a modern touch of smooth, amber-like warmth, while benzoin imparts a sweet and slightly balsamic sensation. The cashmere wood note enhances the overall composition with its soft and comforting woody aroma. This harmonious blend of notes results in a fragrance that exudes a creamy, spicy, and sweet essence with a touch of Oriental charm, perfect for those who appreciate a luxurious and elegant scent.

Review of Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite

Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite by Giorgio Armani, released in 2016, is a distinctive unisex fragrance that leans slightly more towards women. This perfume is particularly well-suited for the fall and spring seasons, with its warm and inviting floral aroma that also works well in winter. Although it can be worn during the day, it truly shines during evening events and nights out, making it a great option for leisure activities and even business occasions.

The scent profile of this perfume is primarily floral, with a mix of sweet and creamy notes that provide a rich, luxurious experience. It also has undertones of spice and oriental influences, which adds complexity and depth to the overall aroma. The woody and powdery elements in the fragrance further enhance its character.

As for performance, Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite is known for its decent longevity, ensuring that the fragrance stays with you throughout the day or night. Its sillage is also noteworthy, as the perfume leaves a subtle and appealing trail when you walk by.

In terms of value, this perfume might not be the most budget-friendly option on the market, but it certainly offers a quality and memorable scent experience. Overall, Armani Privé - Rouge Malachite is a lovely addition to any fragrance collection, blending floral, sweet, and spicy notes into an unforgettable perfume that is sure to impress.

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