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Eau de Cèdre by Giorgio Armani

Eau de Cèdre by Giorgio Armani
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015

Key Notes of Eau de Cèdre

What Does Eau de Cèdre Smell Like

Eau de Cèdre by Giorgio Armani opens with a clean, bright aroma as the citrusy freshness of lemon and the slightly sweet, fruity scent of bergamot mingle with the green, leafy notes of violet. This invigorating combination gives way to a heart filled with the warming, slightly sweet spice of cardamom, partnered with the herbaceous, somewhat peppery scent of sage. A subtle hint of cumin introduces an earthy, slightly hot undertone to this blend.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes come to the forefront. The robust, slightly bitter aroma of black tea and the rich, resinous scent of cedar provide a sturdy foundation. A whisper of suede brings a soft, leathery quality to the dry-down, adding an additional layer of depth and complexity.

Overall, Eau de Cèdre is characterized by its woodiness, punctuated by fresh citrus and green notes at the opening, and comforting, spicy tones in the middle. It finishes with a powerful, grounding combination of black tea, cedar, and suede, creating a lasting impression of a fragrance that is both elegant and rugged.

Review of Eau de Cèdre

Giorgio Armani's Eau de Cèdre is a fragrance that's undeniably geared towards men with its complex aromatic blend. It's a scent that shines in the fall and spring, resonating with the shifting weather and blooming nature. The primary notes of woodiness come forward, grounded in green and spicy undertones, with an edge of freshness. A subtle hint of citrus weaves through the fragrance, adding a touch of lightness. The composition, although synthetic to a degree, is skillfully balanced to avoid feeling artificial.

This is a perfume that carries itself well in a variety of settings. It's a fitting choice for daily use, equally at home in business environments and leisurely occasions. However, it can also lend itself well to evening events, subtly lingering in the background. Its sweet and leathery notes make it an understated choice for a night out or even for sporty occasions. Overall, Eau de Cèdre is an honest, reliable fragrance that offers a consistent experience.

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