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Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani

Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Eau de Nuit Oud

What Does Eau de Nuit Oud Smell Like

Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani for men opens with a strong woody note that is earthy and rich, thanks to the bold influence of cardamom. This note is quickly accompanied by an undercurrent of peppery spice, derived from pink pepper, which adds a tingly, heat-filled depth to the scent. A subtle hint of fragrant bergamot then emerges, introducing a light citrusy element that peeks through the otherwise robust opening.

The perfume then transitions into its middle notes, where a distinct rose aroma becomes noticeable. This floral streak, though not overpowering, brings a gentle sweetness to the scene, bridging the spiciness with the incoming base notes. Subtle nuances of orris concrete enhance the floral vein, adding a powdery touch while a geranium note remains in the backdrop, almost imperceptible but lending a green hue to the overall scent.

As the scent settles, it reveals its base composed of a rich, nutty tonka bean absolute, dominating the finale. The ever-mysterious and luxurious oud note is there too, lending a resinous depth that's close to smoky. The presence of saffron, while less noticeable, introduces a sweet and slightly medicinal accent, complementing the woody-oriental spirit of Eau de Nuit Oud.

Review of Eau de Nuit Oud

Eau de Nuit Oud by Giorgio Armani is an elegant fragrance designed for men with its profound and complex scent profile. It is a symphony of woody, oriental, and spicy tones, coupled with a subtle sweetness and a resinous undertone. These notes are woven together to yield a scent that is suitably lavish and luxurious, characteristic of the Armani brand.

Predominantly, the fragrance might appeal more to mature men, though it is not exclusive to this demographic. Its profundity and complexity may not sit well with everyone's olfactory preferences. It is reasonably intense and might not be a crowd-pleaser among those who prefer lighter, more airy fragrances. Still, for those drawn to deep, resonant fragrances, Eau de Nuit Oud can be a delightful discovery.

The perfume truly comes alive in the fall and winter months, embodying the warmth and depth of these seasons. It is designed for the evening and night out scenarios, a sensual companion to a sophisticated wardrobe. However, its heaviness could make it overbearing for daily or business use, especially in small or enclosed spaces.

The longevity and sillage are decent, though not the best in its category. It ensures you are noticed but does not impose itself on those around you. The perfume also offers reasonable value for its price point. The star player in this perfume is undoubtedly Oud, surrounded by a subtle dance of cardamom, rose, and tonka bean.

In conclusion, Eau de Nuit Oud is a rich, complex fragrance for men who appreciate the warmer, deeper side of perfumery. It is a sophisticated and luxurious choice, albeit not for everyone or every occasion.

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