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Sì by Giorgio Armani

Sì by Giorgio Armani
Concentration: Fiori Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Julie Massé, Mane

What Does Sì Smell Like

Sì by Giorgio Armani opens with a juicy burst of blackcurrant, creating an immediate sweetness that is both vibrant and irresistible. Mingling with the blackcurrant, there's also a noticeable hint of green mandarin orange, adding a slightly tart, citrusy twist to the initial sweetness.

As the perfume begins to settle, it transitions into a heart of subtly aromatic neroli and earthy patchouli. These two notes are balanced beautifully, creating a floral yet slightly woody middle that isn't overwhelming. There's a subtle presence of May rose too, adding a soft, romantic touch to the perfume's heart.

However, it's the base where Sì truly shines. A dominant vanilla note provides a creamy, almost dessert-like sweetness. This is not the synthetic, overly sweet vanilla present in many fragrances. Instead, it's a rich, full-bodied vanilla that feels indulgent yet elegant. The vanilla is beautifully paired with a hint of white musk, which adds a clean, powdery finish to the fragrance.

Overall, Sì is a delightful blend of sweet, floral, and creamy notes. It can be described as a fruity, powdery perfume with an undeniable warmth from the vanilla and musk blending in the base. It is feminine, comforting, and utterly irresistible.

Review of Sì

Giorgio Armani's Sì Fiori Eau de Parfum is a women's fragrance that sings with a delightful blend of sweet and floral notes, making it a perfect companion for the spring season. It's like stepping into a bountiful garden, where the blooms are just starting to open and the air is filled with the fresh, dew-kissed scent of flowers. Yet, there's an underlying creaminess that softens this bouquet, adding a comforting, almost edible quality that's quite appealing. It's not overly sweet, but just right, with a dash of fruity freshness that keeps it lively and energetic.

For a perfume that stays with you, Sì Fiori offers pretty good longevity. It doesn't shout, but rather whispers its presence, allowing you to leave a subtle scent trail. It's an excellent choice for many situations from leisure outings to business gatherings. So, whether you're planning a day at the office, a casual outing, or a night on the town, Sì Fiori is your trusted ally. It's not the cheapest perfume out there, but its quality and versatility make it a worthwhile investment.

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