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Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1984

Key Notes of Giorgio for Men

What Does Giorgio for Men Smell Like

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills is a modern scent for women with a fascinating balance of spicy, woody, floral, green, and sweet elements. As it graces your senses, you're first greeted with an intriguing blend of aldehydes, pimento, and bergamot, intertwined with a tantalizing hint of fruity notes and the freshness of orange.

As these initial impressions settle, the perfume transitions seamlessly into a heart note of earthy patchouli, spiced carnation, and gentle orris root. The subtle sweetness of rose, the rustic scent of cedar, and the warmth of cinnamon and sandalwood are also laced in the middle, adding depth and character.

In the final phase of its scent journey, Giorgio for Men leaves behind a comforting trail of honey, oakmoss, amber, musk, and vanilla. The quietly rich scent of benzoin and the slightly sweet, warm aroma of tonka bean gently make their presence known, rounding off the scent beautifully.

This is a perfume that masterfully weaves together a myriad of notes, creating a fragrance that is as deeply layered as it is balanced. It’s a perfume that invites you to explore its depths, uncovering new facets with each wear.

Review of Giorgio for Men

Giorgio for Men by Giorgio Beverly Hills, first introduced in 1984, is a perfume that resonates most notably with mature men. Its aroma hits you with a noticeable spicy kick, layered with a woody undertone that gives it a sense of depth and warmth. The perfume eloquently introduces a slight hint of green and floral notes, balanced with a moderate sweetness, which keeps it from being overly masculine.

The earthy and resinous elements add an interesting twist, making it a perfume that can captivate without being overpowering. The whispers of powder, oriental and citrus aromas provide a pleasant afterthought. As an eau de toilette, it's perfect for moments of leisure or an evening out, especially during the chillier seasons of fall and winter.

The Giorgio for Men perfume has stood the test of time, and its value is evident in its longevity and the pleasantly noticeable sillage. It's a fragrance that embodies a sense of classic masculinity mixed with an adventurous spirit.

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