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Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Brand: Givenchy

Key Notes of Eaudemoiselle

What Does Eaudemoiselle Smell Like

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy presents a bright, lively aroma. Upon first encounter, there's a clear, fresh hit of basil, accompanied by the tangy, vibrant scent of lemon that sparkles and the zesty fragrance of tangerine giving it a playful edge.

As the initial wave of citrus and herbaceous greenness dissipates, the heart of the perfume reveals itself. This phase focuses on the classically feminine essence of rose; it creates a full, rich bouquet that is unmistakably floral. The scent of ylang-ylang mingles with the rose, contributing a lush, tropical touch that adds depth and complexity.

The final phase of Eaudemoiselle's scent journey unveils an earthy, sensual dry down. The velvety soft scent of musk provides a comforting foundation. Complementing the musk, the perfume includes a hint of ambrette, a seed with a floral-musky scent that adds a subtle botanical character. The tonka bean ends the experience on a warm, somewhat sweet note, establishing a well-rounded fragrance full of feminine allure.

In conclusion, Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy is a vibrant, floral perfume with a fresh citrus opening and warm musky finish. It is a floral fragrance given complexity with elements of sweetness, warmth, and green freshness.

Review of Eaudemoiselle

Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy, released in 2010, captures the essence of femininity with a timeless allure. This perfume gravitates towards a floral and fresh bouquet, making it primarily a women's scent. However, its subtle woody and spicy undertones add a touch of mystery that few men might find appealing.

The fragrance distinctly captures the spirit of spring with its light, breezy nature. It's most suited for day wear, given its fresh characteristics, but its versatile enough to transition into a casual evening scent. Whether you're heading to the office or spending a laid-back day outdoors, Eaudemoiselle has an unobtrusive presence that complements a variety of settings.

Prominent notes of basil, lemon, and tangerine add a zesty, vibrant introduction. As the scent evolves, the sensual heart of rose and ylang-ylang blooms, lending the perfume its feminine character. The drydown reveals a warm and inviting base of musk, ambrette, and tonka bean. The interplay between these notes is like a poetic dance that's captivating without being overwhelming.

While Eaudemoiselle is stunning in its composition, it may not be everyone's cup of tea. The scent's powdery facet might come off as too mature for some, particularly younger users. On the other hand, its longevity and sillage could have been better, meaning the fragrance might require occasional touch-ups throughout the day.

In conclusion, Eaudemoiselle by Givenchy is a tasteful blend of floral and fresh elements. It's a perfume that radiates grace and subtlety, making it a perfect choice for women who prefer a scent that's classic yet contemporary.

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