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Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy

Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1994
Brand: Givenchy

Key Notes of Insensé Ultramarine

What Does Insensé Ultramarine Smell Like

Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy opens with a noticeably fresh, aquatic aroma, immediately reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze. The initial scent is intertwined with the succulent sweetness of watermelon, providing an intriguingly fruity dimension. This fruity bouquet is then complemented by the tartness of blackcurrant and the subtle bitter hint of bergamot, creating an intriguing, refreshing scent profile.

As the perfume evolves, the heart notes start to reveal themselves. The aroma of iris introduces a delicate, powdery scent, which is further softened by the gentle fragrances of lily of the valley and magnolia. Meanwhile, the spicy flecks of carnation and the cool, herbal undertone of mint add an unexpected twist to the overall smell.

The perfume gradually lands into its base notes, transitioning into a blend of the earthy aroma of sage, combined with the smoky scent of tobacco. The warmth of cardamom subtly complements these notes, lending a slightly exotic, spicy undertone to the scent. The overall scent of Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy manages to capture a vivid spectrum of fragrances, from fresh aquatic and fruity notes to spicy, earthy undertones, all harmoniously intertwined.

Review of Insensé Ultramarine

Insensé Ultramarine by Givenchy is a distinct fragrance that speaks to a man's love for the outdoors. This scent encapsulates the freshness of aquatic breezes, tempered with a surprising twist of juicy fruitiness that makes it stand out from the pack. It's a perfume that decidedly leans towards a male audience, without being overwhelmingly masculine.

The freshness is undeniably apparent and it's hard to miss its aquatic and fresh elements. But what makes it particularly interesting is the fruity burst that comes along with it. This doesn't mean it is overly sweet or cloying - it's more of a refreshing and invigorating fruity note that brings to mind a crisp watermelon on a hot summer's day.

The scent itself is on the lighter side, making it perfect for daytime wear. It has a casual feel that would work well for leisurely weekends, outdoor activities, or even a relaxed business environment. It's a fragrance that conjures up images of summer days by the sea, making it an ideal choice for those warmer months.

However, its longevity may not be its strongest suit. While it might not withstand a long day or night out, it's perfectly suited for those short, spontaneous moments that summer tends to bring.

The value for money might not be the best out there, but it's a small price to pay for a scent that successfully captures the cool, invigorating spirit of an ocean breeze laced with a hint of succulent fruitiness.

In conclusion, Insensé Ultramarine offers a refreshing change from the traditional male fragrance. It's for the man who isn't afraid to step outside the norms and embrace a scent that's as invigorating as it is unique.

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