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Play Intense by Givenchy

Play Intense by Givenchy
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2008
Brand: Givenchy

What Does Play Intense Smell Like

Play Intense by Givenchy opens with a bright citrusy blend of bergamot and mandarin orange, creating an initial sweet and slightly tangy impression. But quickly, the fragrance transitions into a rich gourmand heart where coffee blossom stands out, delivering a comforting, slightly roasty, and sweet aroma. This heart is complemented by the subtle woody scent of amyris with a hint of spiciness from pink pepper, adding a layer of complexity without being overpowering. As the scent settles, it reveals a warm and comforting base. The sweetness of Tonka bean is pronounced, with a scent that's reminiscent of vanilla and almond, creating a deliciously creamy and slightly spicy aroma. This is enriched by the resinous and slightly leathery scent of labdanum, as well as the deeply earthy and woody aroma of patchouli. A touch of vetiver adds a hint of smoky and grassy greenness, grounding the sweetness and providing an oriental and woody finish. Overall, Play Intense comes across as a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy scent with a comforting gourmand heart and a woody oriental base.

Review of Play Intense

Givenchy's Play Intense lives up to its name, providing a bold scent experience perfect for those who aren't afraid to make a statement. Designed for men, this concoction delivers a rich, robust punch, predominantly sweet with an undercurrent of gourmand that feels comforting and delectable. The spice accents add a touch of heat, while woody notes ground the fragrance, giving it a sturdy backbone. The oriental traces and powdery finish lend a sense of mystery and elegance to the blend.

This Eau de Toilette is an ideal companion for the colder seasons, with its warm notes enveloping the wearer like a snug blanket. It's an exceptional choice for night outs or evening events, yet versatile enough for leisure activities or even daily use. However, its intensity may not suit everyone for business settings or during summer months. The scent's longevity is commendable, ensuring your presence lingers even after you've left the room. In terms of value, Play Intense offers a reasonable deal for its quality—a confident, full-bodied fragrance definitely worth exploring.

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