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Cabotine by Grès

Cabotine by Grès
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1990
Brand: Grès

What Does Cabotine Smell Like

Cabotine by Grès opens with a lively mix of fresh green notes, accentuated by a soft touch of orange blossom. The initial scent is subtly sweet and tangy, punctuated by the light tartness of blackcurrant. This leads to an unexpected hint of marigold, paired beautifully with the warmth of cassia spice and the lusciousness of peach. The scent of coriander and plum adds a mild spiciness and a fruitiness to the top notes.

As the perfume evolves, the heart reveals a bouquet of floral notes. The scent of hyacinth and tuberose is prominently noticeable, creating a heady, intoxicating accord. Spicy middle notes of carnation and ginger counterbalance the sweet floral aromas of jasmine, violet, and exotic ylang-ylang. The light, airy scent of freesia, paired with the powdery aroma of heliotrope and iris, adds an additional layer of complexity. A hint of classic rose ties the heart notes together.

The dry down brings a deeper, richer scent profile. The blackcurrant from the top notes lingers, mixing with woody cedar and the animalic note of civet. This base is softened by the sensual notes of musk and earthy vetiver. The perfume finishes with the cozy warmth of amber, subtly sweet tonka bean, and creamy vanilla. The faint whisper of sandalwood completes the scent journey, leaving a lasting impression.

Review of Cabotine

Cabotine by Grès, an eau de toilette for women, offers an interesting blend of floral and green notes, with a touch of freshness. This perfume, first released in 1990, has a distinct, mature appeal, making it a good fit for women who prefer a scent that's not too overpowering.

The dominant floral and green notes lend Cabotine a garden-fresh vibe that feels suitable for spring days, though it can be worn any season. A subtle spiciness and woody undertone add depth to the perfume, preventing it from being overly sweet or fruity.

The fragrance is versatile enough for various occasions, from daily wear to business meetings. Its surprisingly good longevity means it can last through a leisurely day out or an evening event. However, its sillage is not too aggressive, making it a polite choice for close encounters.

Cabotine by Grès offers value for money, particularly for those who appreciate a mature, garden-like scent with a bit of spice and woodiness.

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