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Guilty Intense by Gucci

Guilty Intense by Gucci
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Gucci

Key Notes of Guilty Intense

What Does Guilty Intense Smell Like

Guilty Intense by Gucci is indeed a beautifully intense fragrance for women. The opening notes are rich with a sweet, juicy tang of Mandarin oranges, adding a citrusy zest that instantly grabs your attention. This is subtly spiced with a hint of Pink pepper, providing a slight warmth that gently creeps up on you.

As the perfume evolves, the heart notes come into play, a beautiful bouquet of Lilacs emerges, offering a soft and almost nostalgic floral aroma. This is heightened by the sensual, green freshness of the Egyptian geranium. Then, the fruits join the party with the sweet, lush scent of peaches mingling beautifully with the tart aroma of raspberries, adding a tantalizing layer of complexity to the fragrance.

Finally, when the perfume has fully settled, the base notes are truly sumptuous. There’s an earthy, deep scent of Patchouli that provides a compelling contrast to the sweetness of the fragrance. To round it all off, the warmth of Amber lingers, a sweet and almost resinous scent that leaves a lasting impression.

Overall, Gucci's Guilty Intense is an oriental fragrance that perfectly melds floral, sweet, and woodsy notes, offering a powdery finish that is simply irresistible.

Review of Guilty Intense

Gucci's Guilty Intense is a sensuous women's fragrance that takes you on an olfactory journey. It transports you through a lush, floral bouquet, before leading you into a tantalizing blend of sweetness, oriental spice, and a whisper of powdery softness. Underneath this, the subtle allure of woody and fruity notes provide a full-bodied experience.

The scent is most alive during the fall months, bursting with richness that's just as suited to a chilly winter's evening. It's a perfume tailored for those cooler nights out, fitting seamlessly into a cocktail dress environment or an elegant evening setting. Yet, it's versatile enough to spritz on for casual leisure times, or even for a more formal business setting.

Its staying power is notable without being overbearing, offering a moderate trail of its enchanting essence. While it's not a budget perfume, the value lies in its heady, well-rounded composition. In essence, Guilty Intense is a steadfast companion for the contemporary woman who appreciates a bold yet luxurious scent.

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