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Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria by Guerlain

Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria by Guerlain
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Thierry Wasser
Brand: Guerlain

Key Notes of Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

What Does Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria Smell Like

Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria by Guerlain is a unisex fragrance that opens with a vibrant burst of Calabrian bergamot, underpinned with a subtle hint of petitgrain. Its scent profile is instantly invigorating, drawing you into its deliciously fresh, juicy citrus accords. The initial zesty tang mellows into a green, somewhat spicy middle notes. Here, you'll find a subtle hint of cardamom mingling with a gentle whisper of ginger. This spicy combination lends a warm, slightly sharp edge to the fragrance, cutting through the brightness of the top notes and adding a touch of complexity to the overall scent profile. As the perfume settles, a base of white musk unfolds, grounding the fragrance with a soft, clean finish. This musky undertone is mild yet noticeable, providing a gentle counterpoint to the brighter citrus and spicy elements. Overall, the fragrance is a harmonious blend of citrus, spice, and musk, resulting in a scent that is fresh, green, and slightly fruity, with a hint of warmth and spice.

Review of Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria

Aqua Allegoria Bergamote Calabria by Guerlain is a spirited perfume that strikes a balance between fresh and spicy. It's a unisex scent but leans slightly more towards being favored by women, offering a vibrant essence that is both invigorating and playful. The perfume sparkles with the sharp yet alluring notes of citrus, making it a perfect companion for those hot, sunny summer days or a bright spring afternoon. The scent gradually transitions into a spicy yet subtly sweet symphony, thanks to the undercurrent of green and fruity notes. The floral and creamy layers add a touch of sophistication without overpowering the overall freshness. Despite its moderately lasting power and softer sillage, it's a charming all-rounder that can accompany you from your everyday routines to leisure activities and even business occasions. In terms of value, it punches above its weight, offering a well-rounded and pleasantly uplifting scent well suited to those who love a perfume that reflects their vibrant personality.

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