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Eau de Lit by Guerlain

Eau de Lit by Guerlain
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2006
Brand: Guerlain

What Does Eau de Lit Smell Like

Eau de Lit by Guerlain is a distinctly unisex perfume that starts with a spicy yet clean aroma. The strong presence of coriander is immediately noticeable, leading the scent with a fresh and slightly piquant scent. It's intertwined with a delicate trace of aromatic notes and star anise, creating a slight liquorice-like twist. A hint of bergamot adds a subtle citrusy undertone, adding a fresh and bright edge to the scent.

As the initial layer lessens, the middle note of Tunisian neroli comes forward. It's a somewhat bitter citrus, combined with a clean, green scent that doesn't overpower but rather brings a refreshing quality to the perfume.

The base notes are where the perfume deepens. The white musk is the star here, giving the scent a clean, skin-like smell. It mixes perfectly with the sweetness of vanilla, which is gentle and not overly sugary. The cedarwood gives the perfume a grounding woody aroma as a finale, providing a long-lasting, steady scent.

Overall, Eau de Lit is a perfume that offers a journey from fresh, spicy top notes through to a softer, green core, and concluding with a sweet, musky base. Every note is clearly detectable, contributing to a clean, succulent and comforting scent.

Review of Eau de Lit

Eau de Lit by Guerlain is an intriguing perfume with a unisex scent that has been embraced by a slightly higher proportion of women. Its distinctive fusion of fresh, powdery, and floral elements creates an aroma that is invigorating and pleasing. A lovely fragrance for the spring and summer months, the perfume exudes a refreshing aura that is reminiscent of freshly bloomed flowers kissed by the morning dew.

While the scent is certainly appealing, it's worth mentioning that it doesn't stay around for as long as you might hope. You might find the need for a midday refresher spritz if you wish to carry the pleasant aroma with you through the day. Yet, the scent isn't overpowering, making it perfect for individuals who prefer a more subtle fragrance.

Eau de Lit can be your go-to perfume for everyday use, whether you're heading for a leisurely day out or plunging into a busy day at work. Its subtle, fresh scent is versatile enough to wear for business meetings without overwhelming the room, while also fitting for an evening out, offering a lively yet subtle aura.

The perfume does lean more towards a creamy, powdery scent, with a faint hint of spice, which may not appeal to everyone. The coriander, star anise, and bergamot notes are noticeable, adding an interesting twist to the fragrance.

In conclusion, Eau de Lit by Guerlain is an inviting, versatile perfume that is perfect for those who prefer a fresh, light scent. However, its longevity could use a bit of improvement. Choose this if you're not turned off by the need for an occasional top-up.

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