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Shalimar by Guerlain

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1986
Brand: Guerlain

Key Notes of Shalimar

What Does Shalimar Smell Like

Shalimar by Guerlain is a luxuriously rich and complex oriental scent for women, composed of delicate spicy-sweet notes that are grounded in smoky balsamic depths. At the start, zesty Bergamot and sweet floral blossoms combine to create an inviting and invitingly exotic aura. This is followed by a captivating heart of freshly cut iris fused with Jasmine blooms, heightened by subtle undertones of fragrant rose. The composition then settles into its deep base note accords comprised of creamy vanilla combined with earthy balsamic nuances, enhanced further with the addition of Tonka bean's warm sweetness. Together these elements form Shalimar's unmistakably mesmerizing aroma that lingers on skin long after it has been worn.

Review of Shalimar

Shalimar by Guerlain is a classic choice for women looking for an evening fragrance. Its presentation and longevity are of the highest quality, making it perfect for important occasions when you want to make an impression that will last all night. With Oriental and Spicy notes its warm aroma makes it ideal for winter and fall evenings. The scent is well-balanced, with just the right blend of sweet, smoky floral, woody citrus and animal notes rounding off this sophisticated perfume. It's a great choice for ladies who like to feel elegant on a night out or at leisure - but might not be suitable as a daily fragrance or in business settings.

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