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Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men by Guess

Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men by Guess
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Guess

Key Notes of Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men

What Does Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men Smell Like

Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men by Guess ushers in with a tantalizing blend of sweet undertones complemented brilliantly by the bitterness of plum, the zesty character of bergamot, and the sultry warmth of black pepper. Imagine biting into a ripe plum on a summer day with hints of citrusy freshness and a peppery kick.

Moving into the heart of the fragrance, your senses are treated to an aromatic blend of cooling spearmint that is both sweet and invigorating. It beautifully integrates with the fiery red ginger, adding a spicy zestiness that heats things up. The geranium then introduces a subtle floral touch, softening the spicy edges.

In the dry down, the fragrance anchors to a woody depth with a distinguishable rich tobacco scent adding an undercurrent of smokiness, which is further enriched by the underlying notes of amber. This lends a resinous sweetness which is grounded by the creamy, smoky sandalwood and further mellowed by the earthiness of vetiver.

Overall, Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men clearly paints an aromatic picture of sweet, spicy, woody, fruity, and fresh accords. It is like a sensorial journey from a fruity zesty summer feast to a fireside gathering on a cool, woody night.

Review of Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men

Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men by Guess is a perfume that certainly turns heads. Released in 2019, this scent quickly gained traction among men, especially the mature crowd. Its allure contains a hint of sweetness that is pleasantly surprising, not overwhelming, punctuated by a spicy kick that adds an interesting twist.

This perfume is particularly fitting for the colder seasons of fall and winter, but it has enough versatility to be worn during early spring. The freshness it imparts can lighten up gloomy days, while its warm woody undertones provide a comforting embrace in chilly weather.

For those who are seeking a scent to wear during their leisure time, Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men might be the perfect fit. It also seamlessly transitions into evening wear, allowing you to move from a relaxed afternoon to a night out with ease.

However, it's worth pointing out that this perfume may not have the best longevity. While it does leave a good first impression, it might require a couple of reapplications to last an entire day or night.

There's also an interesting mix of fruity and oriental elements in the scent, with a prominent note of plum and a hint of bergamot. It's this unexpected combination that gives Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men its charm, while also making it stand out from more traditional men's perfumes.

In summary, Guess 1981 Los Angeles Men is a confident, contemporary fragrance with an appealing blend of sweet and spicy notes. Its slight lack in longevity aside, it is undoubtedly worth a try for those after a dynamic, captivating scent.

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