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Fidji by Guy Laroche

Fidji by Guy Laroche
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2003

What Does Fidji Smell Like

Fidji by Guy Laroche for women begins with a strong floral statement, primarily dominated by the spicy and creamy scent of tuberose. Complementing this are the soft, sweet notes of Bulgarian rose, followed by the earthy and woody scent of galbanum. These are seamlessly paired with the powdery sweetness of iris, hints of exotic jasmine, and the tropical creaminess of ylang-ylang.

As the perfume warms on the skin, you will experience a noticeable shift towards a spicy heart note. The spiciness is not overly fiery, but rather offers a subtle warmth that blends nicely with the aldehydes which evoke a sensation of clean linen.

As it settles, the perfume slowly reveals its base notes. These are dominated by the deep, rich notes of balsam, which provide a resinous, slightly sweet and vanilla-like scent. The smell of amber provides a warm, powdery and slightly musky tone that adds depth to the perfume. Musk lends a sensuous, animalic aroma, while a hint of patchouli adds earthiness. Lastly, the scent of sandalwood, with its rich, creamy, and slightly sweet character, wraps up the overall experience. Fidji is a perfume that offers a journey through a landscape of shifting scents and sensations.

Review of Fidji

Fidji by Guy Laroche is the kind of fragrance that tells a story, offering a heady blend of floral, chypre, and green. The perfume leans towards a more mature audience, with women being its primary enthusiasts. This is not surprising given Fidji's rich bouquet of galbanum, tuberose, and Bulgarian rose, which overlay a spicy and fresh heart. The base notes of balsam, amber, and musk deepen the scent, giving it a warm and earthy finish.

The spring and summer months appear to be the best time to wear Fidji, reflecting the fragrance's fresh and blooming nature. Its green and floral elements evoke images of lush gardens and warm breezes, making it an excellent choice for both leisure and everyday wear. However, it's worth noting that while Fidji has a considerable presence, it doesn't necessarily have the power to fill a room, so those looking for a bold and potent scent might find it lacking.

As far as longevity goes, Fidji tends to linger on the skin, but may not last an entire day. This could be a drawback for those used to more hard-wearing scents. However, its value lies in its comforting and familiar qualities, reminiscent of a well-loved garden in full bloom.

In conclusion, Fidji by Guy Laroche is a mature, floral fragrance perfect for the warmer months. It is a scent that feels at home during a relaxed day out or a workday. Its main shortcomings are its lack of sillage and longevity, but these may be overlooked by those who value its comforting and earthy aroma.

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