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Hiris by Hermès

Hiris by Hermès
Gender: Women
Release date: 1999
Brand: Hermès

Key Notes of Hiris

What Does Hiris Smell Like

Hiris by Hermès is a women's perfume with a remarkable blend of scents. Its initial impression is ruled by the floral sweetness of iris, intertwined with the spicy warmth of coriander and the timeless elegance of carnation. There's a subtle hint of amber that adds a faintly exotic touch to the top notes.

As the fragrance develops, the dominant iris is complemented by the classic romantic essence of rose, intertwining with the fresh, slightly sweet citrusy aroma of neroli. This combination creates a floral heart that brings comfort, evoking the freshness of a flourishing spring garden.

The perfume is grounded in a base that radiates warmth and subtle sweetness. The sweet, intoxicating richness of honey marries well with the creamy essence of vanilla, while the woody nuance of cedar adds depth and character.

Throughout its journey, Hiris maintains a consistent powdery, fresh backdrop, with woody and green notes that lend a sense of peaceful tranquility. Its overall profile is a beautiful tapestry of floral, powdery, fresh, and woody elements, creating a scent that's an ode to nature in all its glory.

Review of Hiris

Hiris by Hermès is a refreshing and grounded perfume that, despite being released in 1999, still holds its weight in the modern olfactory world. Its personality leans towards a more mature audience, particularly women, but it doesn't shy away from a broader appeal. The scent structure is centered on a floral heart, primarily iris, enveloped in a powder-like essence. Fresh, woody notes add depth while the green, spicy, and earthy undertones lend an intriguing balance. The perfume does have a sweeter aspect to it, but it’s a soft whisper rather than a loud call.

Best suited for spring and summer days, Hiris feels fitting in a business setting or during leisure activities. Its longevity, while not the strongest, ensures a pleasant aromatic experience without overwhelming the senses. As for the value, it provides a decent balance between price and quality, making it a worthy consideration for those seeking a timeless, floral fragrance.

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