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Rouge Hermès by Hermès

Rouge Hermès by Hermès
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2000
Brand: Hermès

Key Notes of Rouge Hermès

What Does Rouge Hermès Smell Like

Rouge Hermès by Hermès starts off with a distinctive, floral fragrance, punctuated by the clear, sweet smell of roses. The scent of ylang-ylang, a component which adds a slightly rich and creamy quality, competes with the more powdery, violet-like aroma of iris. As the initial floral notes begin to mellow, a blend of warm, woody aromas takes the stage. The sturdy scent of sandalwood, coupled with the dry, green aroma of cedar, delivers a complex but pleasing contrast. The addition of resins infuses a touch of aromatic bitterness to the mix, while vanilla subtly smoothes out any rough edges with its sweet and cozy fragrance. Finally, the base of the perfume unfolds with the rich, slightly sweet and leathery scent of labdanum, joined by the smoky, resinous aroma of myrrh. This contributes an oriental, slightly mystical character to the fragrance. Throughout its progression, Rouge Hermès remains bold and spicy, underlaid with a continual floral presence and softened with powdery elements. The result is a scent rich in contrasts, transitioning smoothly from floral elegance to warm, woody depth, and ending on a mysterious, oriental note.

Review of Rouge Hermès

Rouge Hermès by Hermès, released in 2000, is a perfume that is designed with an eye for the mature and confident woman. The scent leans towards the spicy, floral genre with a hint of woody and powdery undertones, giving it a truly unique identity.

The scent reveals itself intricately, starting with a noticeable presence of rose and ylang-ylang. It unfolds further into a heart of sandalwood and cedar, a combination that is familiar and comforting. The base notes have a subtler presence, but labdanum and myrrh add a layer of depth and complexity to the perfume.

The perfume has a strong autumnal and wintery feel to it. It seems perfect for those chilly evenings, wrapped in your favorite scarf, bracing against the crisp air. However, it might feel a bit heavy for warmer months or in overly casual settings.

Rouge Hermès proves to be a reliable companion for the evening out or a night on the town. It's not too loud or demanding, but it does command a certain level of attention and respect. It's also versatile enough to be worn to business meetings or formal events where making a good impression is key.

However, the perfume doesn't seem to last as long as one might prefer. It requires a touch-up now and then to maintain its presence. Also, it might not suit everyone's budget, given its slightly steep price point.

In conclusion, Rouge Hermès is a perfume for the woman who is bold enough to embrace her age and flaunt her confidence. It's a signature fragrance that stands out without being too overpowering or overly complex.

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