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Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2010
Brand: Hermès

Key Notes of Voyage d'Hermès

What Does Voyage d'Hermès Smell Like

Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès is a unisex perfume with a delightful blend of fresh, citrus, woody, spicy, and green accords. As you take in the first whiff of this fragrance, you are greeted with a bright and zesty aroma of lemon, which is the most prominent note at the top. This citrusy burst is beautifully accompanied by the warmth of cardamom, adding a gentle touch of spice to the mix.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes reveal themselves with subtle hints of delicate blossoms, providing a soft and floral touch to the composition. The presence of tea adds an earthy and calming dimension, while the green notes contribute to an overall sense of freshness and vitality.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes of musk and woods come forward, grounding the perfume and providing a sense of warmth and depth. The combination of musk and woods adds a comforting and smooth quality to the overall scent, making it a well-balanced and harmonious blend.

In summary, Voyage d'Hermès offers a fresh and invigorating scent with a perfect balance of citrus, spice, floral, and earthy elements. The zestiness of lemon, warmth of cardamom, gentleness of blossoms and tea, and the deep, comforting aromas of musk and woods all combine to create a truly enjoyable fragrance experience.

Review of Voyage d'Hermès

Voyage d'Hermès, an Eau de Toilette by Hermès, was introduced in 2010 as a unisex fragrance. It is a fresh and citrusy scent with woody, spicy, green, and floral undertones. The perfume is especially favored by men and women who seek a moderately strong fragrance for daily wear.

This perfume is ideal for spring and summer months when the citrus and green notes complement the warmer days. The subtle woody and spicy elements offer warmth for the cooler fall season, making it a versatile choice for most of the year. However, it might not be the most suitable option for winter months, as its freshness may not hold up well in extremely cold temperatures.

In terms of usage, Voyage d'Hermès is suitable for a variety of occasions, from leisurely outings to business meetings. Its gentle sillage and moderate longevity make it an appropriate choice for daily wear without being too overpowering. While it may not be the best fit for evening events or night-outs, it is a good option for casual daytime gatherings or sports activities.

In conclusion, Voyage d'Hermès is a well-balanced, fresh, and citrusy perfume with a hint of spice that suits both men and women. Its versatility makes it a great addition to your fragrance collection, particularly for those who enjoy a scent that can be worn for a range of occasions throughout most of the year. The value of this perfume is reasonable, making it an accessible choice for many.

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