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Hugo Reversed by Hugo Boss

Hugo Reversed by Hugo Boss
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Hugo Boss

Key Notes of Hugo Reversed

What Does Hugo Reversed Smell Like

Hugo Reversed by Hugo Boss initiates with a bold, tangy encounter of grapefruit, layered delicately with an undercurrent of Calabrian bergamot. This introduction is sharp, yet not overpowering, with the citrus elements bringing a lively freshness to the scent profile. The fragrance then subtly transitions into the heart, where the earthy, herbaceous aroma of rosemary becomes recognizable. This aromatic herb adds a surprising twist to the citrus opening, infusing the fragrance with a hint of spiciness that is neither too warm nor too cool. The scent journey concludes on a note of Haitian vetiver, which lends a slightly smoky and woodsy tone to the composition. This base note grounds the overall fragrance, adding a touch of masculinity and depth to the otherwise light and fresh scent. The overall aroma is an interesting play of citrusy freshness intermingled with subtle spicy and earthy tones, making Hugo Reversed a vibrant yet complex fragrance.

Review of Hugo Reversed

Hugo Reversed by Hugo Boss is a contemporary men's fragrance that celebrates the freshness of spring and summer. This vibrant perfume shines, showcasing a zesty citrus character that is complemented by a subtle hint of spiciness, creating a lively yet non-overpowering scent. The composition also carries a synthetic touch, which gives it a modern air, while the underlying fruity and woody tones add depth and complexity.

However, the perfume's longevity and sillage might not be its strongest points, you might need to reapply the perfume to maintain its presence throughout the day. It is most suited for casual, day-to-day wear and leisure activities, yet it also blends well into a business setting or sporty environment.

Despite a slightly dominant fresh and citrusy profile, Hugo Reversed is not overly sweet or green, maintaining a pleasant equilibrium. The overall scent might not be for everyone, but for those seeking a vibrant, modern aroma with a tangy twist, it's definitely worth considering.

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