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After My Own Heart by Ineke

After My Own Heart by Ineke
Gender: Women
Release date: 2006
Perfumer: Ineke Rühland
Brand: Ineke

Key Notes of After My Own Heart

What Does After My Own Heart Smell Like

After My Own Heart by Ineke opens with a clear, verdant scent, almost like a kiss of freshly picked, dew-dipped green leaves. This initial aroma is gently stirred by a hint of bright, citrusy bergamot, bringing a light, zesty edge to the fragrance. The underlying, subtle undertone of raspberry introduces a delicate sweetness to the mix, though it never overwhelms or takes center stage.

As the fragrance evolves, the prominent lilac note comes to the fore. This is the heart of the perfume - a floral bloom of lilac that exudes a classic, authentic flower garden scent. It's akin to standing in a blooming lilac grove, surrounded by its soft, floral coolness.

The base of the fragrance is subtly warm and earthy. The sensuality of musk grounds the perfume, providing a soft, subtly animalistic undertone. On top of this, heliotrope adds just a whisper of vanilla-like sweetness, while a touch of sandalwood introduces a creamy, woody nuance. This fragrance is like a walk through a spring garden just after a rainfall, with the sun warming the earthy, green ambiance. It's simply a love letter to lilacs, underpinned by sweet, woody undertones.

Review of After My Own Heart

After My Own Heart by Ineke is a perfume that certainly leans towards the feminine side, but this characteristic doesn't limit its appeal. Women will likely find this scent most appealing, but it would not be out of place on anyone who appreciates a well-crafted floral fragrance.

The overall scent profile is dominated by florals, with a significant emphasis on lilac. This creates a sweet, fresh and green bouquet that feels youthful and vibrant, without falling into the trap of being overly saccharine or cloying. The touch of woody and powdery facets lends a sophisticated grounding to the composition, allowing the fragrance to be versatile in its wearability across varying occasions and settings.

This perfume shines brightest in the spring and summer months, its freshness and green aspects beautifully complementing the warmer, brighter weather. But its slightly sweet and woody undertones also allow it to transition well into the cooler seasons, making it suitable for year-round use.

Despite its floral charm, After My Own Heart isn't a powerhouse of a perfume in terms of projection or longevity. It stays rather close to the skin, making it a more personal scent, best suited for daily wear or leisure activities rather than big nights out.

Value-wise, it's worth noting that this isn't a budget fragrance, but you're paying for the quality and the thoughtfully crafted, complex blend of notes. It's a worthy investment for those who value a well put-together perfume.

In short, After My Own Heart by Ineke is a versatile, floral fragrance that leans feminine but doesn't discriminate. Its shortfalls in longevity and projection are balanced by the quality of the scent and its versatility, making it a worthy addition to any fragrance collection.

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