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Atomic Rose by Initio

Atomic Rose by Initio
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Givaudan
Brand: Initio

What Does Atomic Rose Smell Like

Atomic Rose by Initio starts off with a spicy kick from the pink pepper, rounded off by the crisp and tangy touch of Italian bergamot. These top notes provide a bold introduction that quickly evolves into a bouquet of floral scents. The scent of the rose is dominant, revealing a dual nature with the lush, velvety aroma of Turkish rose and a soft, gentle hint of Bulgarian rose. Their beauty is further enhanced by a subtle whisper of Egyptian jasmine that adds a touch of exotic sweetness.

But the scent journey doesn't end there. The perfume heart gradually reveals the base notes that add depth and complexity. The synthetic ambrofix note brings out a musky warmth that feels both comforting and intriguing. It blends seamlessly with the creamy, slightly sweet nuance of Bourbon vanilla. This base provides balance, taming the initial spiciness and the rich floral heart.

In essence, Atomic Rose is a symphony of scents. It's floral yet spicy, fresh yet warm, and synthetic yet creamy. It creates an intriguing contrast that feels both familiar and unfamiliar. This unisex fragrance is a daring exploration of traditional and contemporary scent notes, perfectly balanced to represent the collision of opposites.

Review of Atomic Rose

Atomic Rose by Initio, released in 2019, is a balanced unisex perfume with a tilt towards female wearers. Its bold personality is defined by a dominant floral note, balanced by the sweetness that follows. A hint of spice adds a dash of excitement, while a synthetic undertone gives it a modern touch. This perfume has a creamy finish that softly lingers, leaving a fresh oriental and fruity trail.

The perfume transitions well from the cool fall season to the blooming spring, making it a versatile scent. It's also adaptable to the winter chills, however, it might not perform as strongly in the summer heat.

Ideal for a night out or a casual evening gathering, Atomic Rose envelopes you in an alluring aura. It's not strictly a daytime scent but can work for your daily routine too. For business events, it might not be the first choice but can certainly add an edge to your personality. Atomic Rose is a well-rounded perfume, valuing quality over extravagance.

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