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Paragon by Initio

Paragon by Initio
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Brand: Initio

What Does Paragon Smell Like

Paragon by Initio opens up a sensory journey with the clean and crisp scent of white sage that seamlessly blends with the citrusy tang of bergamot, softened by a gentle whiff of lavender. These initial notes create an aroma that is both vibrant and calming. As the scent evolves, a distinct sweetness unfolds, introducing the heart of the fragrance. This is where the succulent aroma of ripe plum takes center stage, presenting a flirtatious fruity touch. It is met with the exciting tingle of black pepper, adding an unexpected but not overwhelming spicy twist. The scent of palo santo adds a touch of mystery, infusing the mix with its warm, woody character.

As the fragrance settles on the skin, it transitions to a creamy rich base. Hints of sandalwood emerge, lending a timeless, woody depth to the scent, while the subtle hint of oud adds an exotic tone, deep and resinous. Paragon by Initio is a fragrance that brings together fruity, creamy, sweet, woody, and spicy notes in a scent that is both complex and pleasing. It's a fragrance that takes you on an olfactory journey from fresh, vibrant top notes to a warm, comforting base.

Review of Paragon

Paragon by Initio is a vibrant, unisex offering that immerses its wearers in a kaleidoscope of scent experiences. With a heart that dances between fruity and sweet, it is nuanced with creamy, woody, and spicy undertones that render an impressive depth. There's an element of fresh, invigorating charm that's added by subtle floral notes, making this perfume a perfect companion for those crisp autumn and rejuvenating spring days.

Its sillage is subtly persuasive, making it a solid choice for both daytime activities and after-dark escapades. Its longevity is commendable, ensuring that you'll smell delightful throughout your daily adventures or night out. Its versatility means it can be worn on various occasions, from carefree leisure time to an important business meeting.

Though it's not a steal, its value lies in its complex scent profile and impressive longevity. So if you’re seeking a fragrance that’s lush, yet not overpoweringly sweet, and has a warm woody-spicy undertone, Paragon by Initio is worth exploring.

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