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A Drop d'Issey by Issey Miyake

A Drop d'Issey by Issey Miyake
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Ane Ayo

Key Notes of A Drop d'Issey

What Does A Drop d'Issey Smell Like

A Drop d'Issey by Issey Miyake is a decidedly feminine fragrance that envelops you in its comforting and soft scent. The initial spray reveals a creamy burst of almond milk, beautifully intertwined with fresh notes of orange blossom and a light touch of Damask rose. This scent conjures up an image of a serene morning in a lush garden, dew-kissed and sunlit.

As the fragrance settles, you are drawn into a floral heart of lilac and jasmine. The lilac, in particular, takes center stage in this middle phase, with its sweet and floral aroma lending a certain charm to the bouquet. The introduction of star anise alongside these flowers adds a subtle spiciness that rounds out the perfume, giving it depth and a slight mysterious edge.

The dry down reveals a warm and inviting mix of musk and vanillin, their sweet and powdery notes providing a comforting backdrop. The addition of Atlas cedar adds an earthy undertone, grounding the fragrance and giving it a sense of depth.

Overall, A Drop d'Issey is a delicate and intimate scent that is at once fresh, floral, and creamy. It's the olfactory equivalent of a warm hug from a loved one or a gentle breeze on a sunny spring day.

Review of A Drop d'Issey

A Drop d'Issey by Issey Miyake is a recent addition to the perfume world that blends strikingly distinct notes in a truly creative way. It's most appreciated by women, perhaps for its emphasis on floral tones, which bring a feeling of spring gardens to mind. A creaminess underlines these floral elements, adding a comforting, soft touch to the perfume, while a touch of fresh and sweet notes keeps things lively and engaging.

Despite its gentle freshness, A Drop d'Issey does not shy away from a bit of deepness. A subtle powdery touch gives the fragrance a sense of vintage romance, with a hint of synthetic notes for a modern twist. This perfume is highly suitable for the warmer seasons, spring and summer, yet it can still work its magic in fall.

Ideal for everyday routines, leisure activities or business environments, this scent effortlessly balances work and play. However, its subtlety makes it less likely to dominate in nighttime or sporting scenarios. A Drop d'Issey is a worthwhile investment, carrying an inherent allure, without being overwhelming.

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