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Jacomo de Jacomo by Jacomo

jacomo jacomo de jacomo eau de toilette
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1980
Brand: Jacomo

Key Notes of Jacomo de Jacomo

What Does Jacomo de Jacomo Smell Like

Jacomo de Jacomo by Jacomo is a men's perfume that exhibits a predominantly spicy and smoky scent profile. This fragrance highlights a well-balanced blend of woody, earthy, and animal accords that complement the overall aroma.

Upon the initial application, the top notes of cardamom and galbanum provide a mildly spicy and green introduction to the fragrance. The subtle presence of lavender adds a soft, floral touch to the opening. As the scent develops, the middle notes become more prominent, with clove taking the lead and contributing a bold, warm spiciness. Caraway and cinnamon enhance the spicy aspect further, while the geranium and rosewood notes remain in the background, adding a gentle floral and woody nuance.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes of oakmoss and patchouli reveal themselves, creating an earthy and slightly bitter foundation. The oakmoss is more dominant, adding a rich, mossy texture, while the patchouli contributes a warm, earthy undertone. The combination of these notes and accords results in a complex, yet harmonious fragrance that showcases a spicy and smoky character without being overpowering.

Review of Jacomo de Jacomo

Jacomo de Jacomo, an Eau de Toilette released in 1980, is a popular choice for men's fragrances. This scent is primarily spicy, with a smoky and woody undertone. Additionally, earthy, animal, leathery, resinous, and green notes contribute to its unique aroma. The longevity of this fragrance is impressive, ensuring it lasts throughout the day and well into the evening. Its sillage, while not overpowering, still allows for a noticeable presence.

The bottle design, while not as highly rated as the scent itself, is still functional and aesthetically pleasing. One of the most attractive aspects of this perfume is its excellent value for the quality it provides.

Jacomo de Jacomo is best suited for men of all ages, but it tends to resonate more with an older, mature audience. The scent is versatile, making it ideal for various occasions such as an evening gathering, night out, leisure activities, daily wear, or even a business setting. While it can be worn year-round, it truly shines during the fall and winter months, with spring being a suitable alternative. However, it may not be the best choice for hot summer days.

In summary, Jacomo de Jacomo is a versatile and long-lasting fragrance that offers excellent value. Its spicy, smoky, and woody notes make it a perfect choice for men seeking a unique and memorable scent. This perfume is recommended for those who enjoy a fragrance that can effortlessly transition between different settings and seasons, except for the hottest summer days.

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