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Bogart by Jacques Bogart

Bogart by Jacques Bogart
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1975

What Does Bogart Smell Like

Bogart by Jacques Bogart opens with a vibrant and zesty scent, scintillating in its mix of mandarin orange and lemon blossom, overlaid with a hint of nutmeg for a bit of spiced warmth. The rosemary in the top notes lends an underlying green freshness to the scent. As it continues to unfold, the perfume reveals a robust heart of juniper and Russian leather, intertwining with the green and fresh opening to form a deeper, more complex scent. The geranium provides an earthy quality, complementing the leather nicely, while the birch and cedarwood lend a woody characteristic to the blend. The Provençal lavender in the mid notes adds a floral touch, contrasting the otherwise dominant masculine scent. In the dry down, the perfume falls into a comfortable and relaxing base of tree moss, musk, and clove. The muskiness adds a hint of animalic allure which, coupled with the moss, invokes the sensation of a verdant forest. The clove finishes off the scent with a slight hint of sweet spiciness, wrapping up the scent in a pleasant, aromatic package.

Review of Bogart

Bogart by Jacques Bogart is a timeless men's fragrance that embodies the robustness of a mature man. Its scent boasts a decisive blend of green and spicy notes that take a lead, rounded out by a woody undertone adding depth to the overall aroma. A hint of fresh, leathery, and fougère nuances adds complexity to the perfume, with a subtle earthy, smoky finish that whispers of sophistication and mystery without being overbearing.

Favored in the cooler seasons such as fall and spring, Bogart is a versatile perfume for various occasions. It's apt for leisurely days yet fitting for daily and business routines. As day transitions to night, the scent lingers, making it suitable for evening activities and an occasional night out.

In terms of value, Bogart stands out as a reliable choice. Its longevity and sillage are commendable, allowing it to remain noticeable for extended periods. Its distinctive character embodies the traditional man while simultaneously catering to contemporary sensibilities.

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