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James Bond 007 by James Bond 007

James Bond 007 by James Bond 007
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Givaudan

Key Notes of James Bond 007

What Does James Bond 007 Smell Like

James Bond 007 by James Bond 007 draws you in with a crisp, lively scent, reminiscent of a fresh green apple dashed with zesty bergamot. This instantly invigorating opening is subtly softened by the floral touch of geranium. As the fragrance unfolds, the heart reveals a warm spice through the aromatic note of cardamom, which is gently calmed by soothing strokes of lavender. It's a contrast that's interesting and engaging, providing a transition from the initial freshness to a more comforting aroma. As the perfume settles, it unveils a deeply woody base, with the creamy tones of sandalwood at the forefront. Woven into this is the earthy scent of vetiver and a hint of patchouli, which adds an element of sweet depth to the overall fragrance. The end result is a scent that's clean, slightly sweet with a hint of spice, and distinctively woody. It's a modern blend of synthetic notes, creating an aroma that's fresh yet warm, and lively yet comforting.

Review of James Bond 007

James Bond 007 caters to the modern man who appreciates a less intense, more casual scent. Its formulation leans towards a synthetic profile, which brings an admittedly different approach to men's fragrances. It combines elements of freshness and woodsiness with a warm undertone of sweet and spicy notes. There's a hint of playful citrus and fruitiness to it, making it an interesting choice for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

Ideal for spring and fall, this Eau de Toilette can be a distinct addition to your daily routine, or a suitable choice for leisure activities. It's less suited for more formal business settings or fancy evening events, but can serve well for a casual night out or a sporty day.

While its staying power and scent trail may not be the strongest, its value lies in its unconventional appeal. James Bond 007 offers a departure from typical men's scents, favoring a more light-hearted olfactory experience.

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