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One Love by Jean-Louis Scherrer

One Love by Jean-Louis Scherrer
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine

Key Notes of One Love

What Does One Love Smell Like

One Love by Jean-Louis Scherrer opens with a cool rush of greenery from the violet leaf, followed closely by a sweet, powdery waft of mimosa. Adding a touch of intrigue is the warm spice of saffron that leads comfortably into the citrusy brightness of bergamot and lemon. This initial blend gives off a fresh, floral yet subtly spicy scent that is stimulating and not overpowering.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes emerge, with magnolia taking the lead. Its rich, creamy floral scent is accentuated by the earthy tones of woods. Hints of iris and lilac peek out every now and then, adding a soft, slightly sweet touch to the composition.

Then, One Love mellows down into the base notes, settling into a comforting, grounded scent. The green, woody fragrance of oakmoss is complemented by a slightly grassy, earthy vetiver, making for a cozy and grounding finish to the perfume. Amidst the earthy backdrop, there's a faint muskiness provided by the ambrette seed - an appropriate close to the vibrant, floral journey of One Love.

Overall, this perfume by Jean-Louis Scherrer is a blend of floral, green and spicy notes, favoring those who enjoy fresh, vibrant fragrances with a warm, earthy base.

Review of One Love

One Love by Jean-Louis Scherrer is a perfume that elegantly leans towards women's preferences. The standout quality of this fragrance is its strong floral character, which is supported by a pleasant undercurrent of green notes. There's an additional layer of chypre adding a touch of earthiness, and a hint of freshness that adds vibrancy to the mix. A spicy edge and powdery nuance further enhance its appeal, while the woody and creamy undertones add a soothing finish.

Ideal for spring, it also transitions well into summer and fall. Its versatility makes it an excellent companion for business gatherings or leisure activities. Its presence is not overbearing, making it a good choice for daily wear as well. As the day turns into evening, it maintains its charm, making it suitable for nighttime outings as well.

In terms of value, it provides a satisfactory experience. So, if you're looking for an aroma that exudes a primarily floral personality with hints of green, creamy, and spicy nuances, One Love could be a fine choice.

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