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1000 by Jean Patou

1000 by Jean Patou
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1972
Perfumer: Jean Kerléo
Brand: Jean Patou

What Does 1000 Smell Like

1000 by Jean Patou presents a floral symphony that immediately grabs your attention. The first whiff greets you with a refreshing aroma of bergamot, subtly intertwined with a soft hint of violet leaf. The intricate osmanthus scent adds a fruity floral subtlety to the initial introduction, making it intriguing and inviting.

As the perfume settles, it gradually reveals its heart. The scent transitions into an array of floral notes where geranium leaves a noticeable trail. Yet, it's the blossoming beauty of jasmine that steals the show. Its sweet, intense aroma adds charm without being overwhelming. The delicate fragrances of lily of the valley and rose whisper in the background providing a delicate balance to the dominating floral scents.

Rounding off the perfume's journey, the base notes offer a woody depth. The distinct earthiness of oakmoss becomes recognizable, lending a deep, green scent. Sandalwood contributes with its soft, warm, milky sweetness, slightly tempered by the sharp and rich hint of patchouli.

Overall, 1000 by Jean Patou is a beautifully composed fragrance that unfolds as a floral, spicy, and green bouquet with a woody undertone. It is a scent exploration that takes you from bright and fresh top notes to the warm and comforting base.

Review of 1000

Jean Patou's 1972 creation, 1000, is a testament to the bold, floral scent profiles of the era. Designed primarily for women, this perfume delivers an evocative blend of chypre and spicy notes that immediately stand out, followed by a rich undercurrent of green and woody elements. The scent is unmistakably mature, resonating with an older, more discerning audience.

The perfume proves its staying power with a pervasive longevity that ensures its presence throughout the day, and a sillage that leaves an unmistakable trail. Given its heavier scent profile, 1000 is more suited for the cooler months of fall and winter, wringing a sense of warmth and depth from the chilly air.

It shines best in the evening when its rich, layered profile can truly come into its own. Whether it's a night out or a casual day, the perfume adds an element of boldness and assertive femininity. The added hint of animal and powdery notes round off the scent, giving it a complexity that is both alluring and grounded.

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