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Sublime by Jean Patou

jean patou sublime eau de parfum
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1992
Perfumer: Jean Kerléo
Brand: Jean Patou

What Does Sublime Smell Like

Sublime by Jean Patou is a women's perfume that presents a balanced blend of floral, chypre, spicy, powdery, and woody accords. The initial scent reveals a striking combination of green notes and bergamot, followed by a hint of mandarin orange and a touch of coriander.

As the fragrance develops, the heart unfolds a rich bouquet of carnation, accompanied by the delicate scents of lily of the valley, orris root, and ylang-ylang. Jasmine, lily, and rose contribute to the overall floral expression, yet remain less prominent.

In the base, a soothing and warm vanilla essence is complemented by the earthy oakmoss and the subtle presence of civet. Musk, sandalwood, tonka bean, and vetiver add complexity to the foundation, while amber, cedar, and styrax provide nuanced support to the overall composition.

Overall, Sublime by Jean Patou showcases a masterful interplay of diverse notes, creating an engaging scent that highlights the elegance of its floral core while incorporating sophisticated chypre, spicy, powdery, and woody elements.

Review of Sublime

Sublime by Jean Patou, released in 1992, is an Eau de Parfum designed for women who appreciate a well-rounded scent experience. This fragrance has a notable longevity, ensuring that you'll make a lasting impression without being overpowering. The sillage is moderate, allowing for a pleasant, pervasive aroma that doesn't overwhelm the senses. The bottle design is elegant, making it a lovely addition to any vanity.

With a diverse scent profile, Sublime primarily features floral notes, followed by chypre, spicy, and powdery elements. The scent also incorporates sweet, woody, oriental, green, and animal undertones. This rich combination results in a versatile fragrance that can be worn by women of various ages, although it has a slight inclination towards a mature audience.

Sublime is best suited for the fall and winter seasons, with its warm and comforting essence. Spring is also a suitable season, while the scent might be a bit too dense for summer wear. The perfume lends itself well to evening events and nights out, making it a great choice for special occasions or romantic encounters. It can also be worn during daytime leisure activities, and some might find it suitable for daily wear or even business settings.

Overall, Jean Patou's Sublime is a versatile, long-lasting, and well-balanced fragrance that can be enjoyed by women seeking a refined scent for various occasions.

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