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Le Beau Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Beau Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier
Gender: Men
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Le Beau Mâle

What Does Le Beau Mâle Smell Like

Le Beau Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier opens with a distinct, bracing scent of mint. This cool aroma is gently tempered by the slightly bitter and herbal nuances of absinth, creating an initial impression that is both fresh and unusual. As the fragrance settles, the mint and absinth give way to the heart notes where the bright, citrusy smell of orange blossom becomes apparent, blending seamlessly with the herbal tones of sage. The lavender, though not overpowering, adds a hint of floral sweetness that plays off the stronger, more aromatic scents. As the scent continues to evolve, the base note of musk comes to the fore. The musk adds depth and warmth to the overall fragrance, beautifully grounding the fresher, lighter elements. The musk acts as an anchor to the scent, providing a lasting, robust undertone. The final impression of Le Beau Mâle is of a fresh, aquatic fragrance with a subtle spiciness and a hint of sweetness, overlaid with the persistent earthiness of musk.

Review of Le Beau Mâle

Le Beau Mâle by Jean Paul Gaultier is a fragrance that strikes an interesting chord among men who appreciate a fresh yet subtly spicy scent. Released in 2013, it showcases a freshness that's perfect for spring and summer days, with a synthetic twist that adds a modern edge to the perfume.

Tinged with an aquatic note, it's akin to an invigorating seaside breeze, while a hint of sweetness lends it a playful side. It isn't overly citrusy, but you'll find a gentle hint of it, along with a smidgen of green and floral nuances, resulting in a varied yet coherent blend.

This is the kind of perfume you'd reach for on casual outings or for everyday use, and it fits well within a business environment too. Its longevity is pretty decent and it doesn't overwhelm, making it a sound choice for those who prefer a less pronounced trail. It's definitely worth considering for men who appreciate a cool, fresh scent with a modern twist.

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